Prior to an inspirational speech, it shall serve the speaker well if he / she allows time before hand to become acquainted with his or her employees learning about the content that moves their spirits. One cannot motivate anyone if the subject is not applicable to the listeners and the best approach may be to direct a questionnaire towards employees seeking their assistance so the speech will be beneficial and relevant.

Based then on the premise of enlightenment that although the whip leaves a mark beware of the lash of the tongue and practice discernment if you choose to not suffer attrition because each new employee costs more to retrain than retaining existing ones. I would really recommend being an ardent student of the books of Wisdom and Sirach which shall guide your conversations inducing your actions towards cheerfulness and propriety.

Employees are people seeking to enhance their lives through job satisfaction and the paycheck that allows them the privilege of providing the needs of their families and then some. Most employees do not work for the paycheck alone and have pride in the mission their company stands for thus, when they are included in the planning of the company it adds value to their existence.

Your employees are actual ambassadors representing your company irrespective of position or level of authority not mere automatons with senseless purpose. When management recognise this and nurture true involvement then results are commensurate with levels of appreciation.

Often times it is not the employees that need inspiration but the management who have elevated themselves beyond the reach of others and then sit in ivory towers of their own delusion. Employees deserve to witness an acute but vigorous visionary presence within the organisation because longevity does more for employee loyalty and is an excellent tool in speeches.

This is a new time; it is a new era for approaching all departments within any corporation as each depends on the other. Take for example sales and customer service as they have more in common then management and employees realise. The janitor interacts with the public more than anyone does and also may be a sounding board for other employees if he has that kind of disposition.

Slavery ended supposedly in the late seventeen hundreds yet many employers, managers still lord it over their employees, and wonder if they may why there is so much anger within the ranks. For pity sakes let us treat each other as Jesus asked us with love and mercy and justice and sharing the load with enthusiasm.

Employees are not their jobs and neither are they vehicles for derision behind closed doors, they are real flesh and blood people with lives outside the corporation, but they are your captive audience as long as you are true to purpose. However, employees are valuable investments with more potential towards profitability and the bottom line of success while being excellent advertisements for the brand when respect is felt, not just merely spoken of during an inspirational speech.

Motivation of employees only works if management is very honest to goodness about everything and values the entire range of employees as more than subjects doing a task for a paycheck equivalent interpretation of value.   Spirituality is as important in the workplace as it is in the privacy of ones conversations with Divine Intelligence and in fact compliment each other more than we realise. Thus when spirituality is the essence and driving force of the management inspirational speeches turn into gatherings of goodwill not merely pep rallies. God bless!

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