Abraham Lincoln was well known in his day for his sense of humor, and often told funny stories to engage and earn the trust of his audience.

During the Civil War, he sometimes visited Washington area hospitals to lift the wounded soldiers’ spirits. After one such visit, a journalist entered a hospital to find infantrymen boisterously laughing and talking about the president. He found it curious to see injured men to be seemingly so healthy.

“You must be very slightly wounded,” he said to the soldier.

“Yes,” the soldier replied, “Very slightly. I have only lost one leg, and I’d be glad to lose the other, if I could hear some more of ‘Old Abe’s’ stories.”

What Honest Abe knew, and what more people should learn, is that humor is an incredibly powerful tool that can make anyone happy and attentive even in the most trying of circumstances. When somebody engages you with humor, you genuinely want to listen, and soak up more of what they are saying. If humor can engage and motivate someone subjected to Civil War era medicine, it can engage and motivate anyone. And that’s why hiring a motivational humorous speaker makes good sense!

Today, motivational humorous speakers use the massive power of comedy to make people laugh and increase personal potential. The magic of humorous motivational speaking is its ability to stimulate people with comedy while delivering gobs of inspirational content. Unfortunately, most traditional speakers (whose speeches can sometimes be as bad as Civil War era medicine) totally miss the chance to get their message across by dryly orating in a monotone and artless way.

It’s a tragedy that after spending a great deal of time and money on a motivational humorous speaker, some audiences still walk away with nothing gained because they feel they never had any real incentive to listen in the first place. Even if the motivational humorous speaker is one of the few who have a truly fantastic, inspiring message, it goes totally to waste because they fail to engage the audience on a personal level.

Motivational humorous speakers can truly change the world by changing people. In a time when people’s attention spans are so small, watching a ten minute video on the Internet is akin to reading “Moby Dick,”

Motivational humorous speakers know how to grab people by the funny bone and get them to listen to inspirational messages of confidence and potential. With every person they reach and energize, the world simply becomes a better and funnier place to live.

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