My motto in life is “Succeeding to enrich others.” But I came to realize that in order to achieve this I first need to be successful first. The same also applies when it comes to influencing the social lives of other people. It is for this reason a book was written titled, “Be inspired before you inspire.” When you are inspired you will easily be able to reach out and touch others.

It would be absolutely wrong to betray your destiny by settling for less. By succeeding you will be ushering others into their destiny. The minute we realize that there are people depending on our success then we will work extra hard in ensuring we achieve our goals in life.

Some people when they succeed, fear to pass on the same to other people since they assume they will become more successful than them. There is no way someone else can be like you, hence do not hesitate to share and motivate others to succeed in life. The greatest satisfaction in life is achieved when you positively touch the lives of others. Also you never know who will lift you up when you are down.

Having said this, do not just sit there and wait to be inspired. Find within yourself a reason to live. Discover what you want to be in life and rather than waiting to be ushered into your opportunity, seize every opportunity that life presents to you. “If you wait to see what will happen, something will happen to you,” someone once said.

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