Have you ever wanted something so badly that you would have done anything to get it? And then, part way through your journey to get that thing, in the middle of all the pain and suffering and things-going-wrong, you stop and say to yourself “what was I thinking?”

Being motivated and inspired to accomplish a challenge by forming a powerful vision of your success is the very first, most crucial step in accomplishing anything. This vision will act as your road map that will guide you on your journey toward success and provide you with the passion and energy you require to help you through those inevitable “what was I thinking?” times.

But sometimes, the enormity of the unknown territory that lies between where you are currently in your journey and your finish line (your vision) can be terrifying, and you may be tempted to question what you got yourself into. Be guided by the wisdom of Greta: “What you can do or dream you can do, BEGIN IT. For Boldness have genius, power and magic in it”.

JUST BEGIN IT. TAKE YOUR NEXT STEP. Don’t think about all that unknown, scary stuff that you will eventually encounter. That doesn’t matter right now. Just focus on your next step – the very NEXT thing you have to do. After each step you’ll learn more about what it takes and you’ll slowly move closer to accomplishing your goals. I’ve completed a couple dozen marathons, and I’ve learned that when you run a marathon, you never think about the 26.2 miles‚ you think about your first step, then your next step, then your first mile, then your next mile. And before you know it – you are looking at the finish line.

And you are ALWAYS beginning it. It doesn’t really matter how far you’ve gone because each step you take is the FIRST step in the rest of the marathon. Can you think of one recent dream or a goal or challenge that you quit? Were you focusing too much on the enormity of reaching the end result instead of simply YOUR next step? What IS your next step? So the next time you get stuck and feel like quitting, just think about your next step. Then you’re next, then your next. “BEGIN IT” over and over again until your vision becomes your reality.

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