Ormus or M-state elements became a known phenomena in the scientific world after David Hudson found some unusual material in the soil on his land and had it analyzed. He originally brought a batch of the material and laid it in the sun to dry. While it dried, suddenly there was a flash of light and it disappeared. He found another sampling but didn’t put it the sun. This sample made it to the research lab without incident.

The laboratory found the soil contained several substances such as gold, silver, iron and platinum, but even when all the elements were removed, 98 percent of the original material still remained. He took it from lab to lab and each time learned more about the substance. At one point he found that it was a solid until it heated to 70 degrees, then it lost its material form. When the air was cooled, the material returned.

Still strange was the fact that while the metallic elements appeared, they didn’t react like the metals. Gold had a magnetic force, iron didn’t dissolve in acid and other anomalies told David these were different from their metal counterparts.

Desiring to discover what he had found, he took it to Hal Puthoff, a quantum physicist. Through much research they found that Ormus was a semiconductor that resonated with the basic primal energy force from which all life begins. It is also readily found in nature in the air, plants, stones and the sea. It’s even in our brains. Hudson began to believe that the philosopher’s stone was real and it was Ormus.

Ormus materials are cobalt, nickel, copper, ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, silver, osmium, iridium, platinum, gold and mercury. They are precious metals in a non-metallic state. In the M-state, they can’t be identified and must be converted to their metallic state.

Scientist learns more about Ormus materials each day and some, because of the amount in the brain, link it to spirituality. There are those that take it and have an unpleasant experience, liken it to a jet airplane taking off in your ears every few minutes. Others claim it makes them see reality better or provides other benefits. At this stage I think one should still be careful with ingesting the materials, since we only know the tip of the iceberg yet.

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