Why do successful people in business, still set goals? What are they trying to achieve by setting goals?

I would like you to imagine a game of football or hockey if you prefer. What is the objective in either game? It is to score goals of course. Each team follows a game plan with tactics so that they achieve their objective, which is to score as many goals as they can in the allotted timescale to get the result they want. Each goal is a result. After each result the team regroups to begin again and build up to another goal. Another result and so on and so on.

Your life is rather like a game of football or hockey. With that goal in mind it gives you a reason to turn up and play. Your goal can be anything from earning enough to pay the bills each week or a longer term objective that you are working towards.

Successful people all have goals, (and by definition I mean people who succeed in their objectives, which is not always to do with money or materialism). You can be successful in ALL areas of your life too, providing the game you are playing has an objective, an outcome. You must have a strategy for that goal otherwise your routine is little more than activity on the field of life without achieving the result you want, that goal.

One of the most focusing quotes I have come across is by Alfred Montepert:

“Do not confuse motion with progress. A rocking horse keeps moving, but does not make any progress.”

Why, because it does not have a progressive goal. In your busy life, it is all too easy to be so busy “taking action” you do not find enough time to focus on the goal in a timescale allowed. By scoring your goals you will feel you are making progress. By making progress you will feel fulfilled. By feeling fulfilled you will feel happy and contented. By feeling contented you will reach peace of mind.

Maybe you have probably got some goals already in mind. Well done! Now think of the areas in your life that you have not had time to plan your goals yet:

Write your goal down on a clean sheet of paper, specifically stating what it is that you want to achieve.
Write it positively as a foregone conclusion that you have achieved your result.
Put a date by when you will have achieved your result, give yourself a realistic timescale.
Pin or stick this written goal where you will be reminded of it regularly – e.g. your office wall, bathroom mirror, beside your bed.
Read it regularly to yourself to reaffirm your belief that it is a forgone conclusion that you WILL achieve your target on time. E.g. I will have four hours extra quality time for my family each week by ……………

By writing down your goal in a detailed sentence, youdramatically increase your chances of success because you are absorbing the belief it is only a matter of time until your result is attained. The most successful people do it in some form or another and all the top goal scorers do it in some form or another.”

You are a top scorer too, or at least you can, if you want to be. You may not feel identifying and writing goals easy. This you can learn easily!

“You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great!”

Les Brown

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