One of the best ways to go through personal development is with goal setting. Setting goals is one way to not only gauge where we want to go to, but also allow us to look back on where we been. As you read this article, you will discover how to use goal setting with personal development.

We have all heard at least 1 life coach, in a seminar, in a book, on a teleseminar or on the web, talk about goal setting. Goal setting seems to be such an important subject, and we can see why.

In personal development, you can develop many different areas of your life. After all, personal development is all about developing you. So, whether it is with communication, your business, finances, relationships, or even health, a goal is important.

I once heard someone say that it is a good idea to set a goal before reading a book or going to a seminar. This makes so much sense. So few people do it, and we can see why a goal is essential.

A book could take you a day to read, it could take months, but the whole point is to get something out of it. So, we pick up a book that will help us become an expert about something. We go and read it, and now have the knowledge, but it is so hard to apply.

We have gained the knowledge, but need the practical. Something happens when you set a goal before reading a personal development book. Suddenly you know what you want out of reading that book, attending the seminar, etc.

As you read, you apply that information to your particular need. Now personal development is taken into full swing. As you read, you discover a practical knowledge.

As an example, in my own experience, I have found this true with something as simple as the dictionary. We all have a dictionary or at least should do; it helps us learn new words.

As I began to start writing to you some time ago, I realized that a dictionary is one of my best friends. I refer to the dictionary often, especially when I know a word, but don’t fully know it. Now, I have a goal, but I can imagine there are some people out there, who will read the whole dictionary just for the knowledge.

Personal development is great, but without the need for that development, what use is it? I say this, because I have been to many seminars, and met lots of people in personal development, who go to seminars, just to add to their stock of knowledge.

Knowledge is great, but personal development is all about development. When you can take personal development and your wants and needs, and then go forward with personal development, with a goal, you get maximum benefit of personal development.

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