Personal Development is achieved through self-discipline, which must remain consistent throughout your life. The secret of making life better is to make yourself better. Your knowledge and skills determine what you achieve and what you are able to share. You will get more and have more to share with the world only as you become more as a person.

Growth through personal development is a natural process that comes from pursuing whatever fascinates you. Discover what your special interests are and use your self-discipline to build your success on those passions. Find your future in the objects of your dreams. Become a person who attracts success.

Nothing will have more influence on your potential for success than the power of self-discipline. Discipline is the force behind forming good habits and good habits determine what we become as a result of personal development.

Be aware that every commitment to a constructive habit, every commitment to practice, and every good intention will be challenged by the seductive appeal of procrastination. Remember, “Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.” A strong personal self-discipline holds the power to overcome procrastination.

Resolve to make personal development a life-long commitment. There is no facet of human conduct that cannot be improved by a disciplined program of personal development. Remember, you can improve the world by improving yourself. Your happiness is related to your growth as a person.

Finally, begin your personal development program with a focus on four important areas. You will find in each of these areas an unlimited potential for personal growth. Rely on your self-discipline to accomplish that which is most important and you will develop the needed skills to succeed at all your goals.

1. First, develop your people skills. Getting along with others involves changing yourself, making others feel important, and recognizing the fact that being able to interact well with others is essential to your success.

2. Second, work on your personal communication skills. There is much to learn and much to gain in developing effective speaking and writing skills.

3. Third, learn how to adapt to change. Make change your friend and ally and make your ability to adapt to change one of your secret strengths in achieving your goals.

4. And last, take an interest in the world around you. Make your concerns felt by becoming active in societal and environmental issues. We only enrich ourselves by enriching others. Be a responsible citizen who cares and contributes. Remember, you can make a difference.

To achieve and maintain true personal development use the power of your own self-discipline to follow through with the following life improving exercises:

1. Describe the more complete person you would like to become.

2. Cite three of your personal traits or aspects of performance you would like to improve. Outline the steps you must take to achieve improvement.

3. List two or three subjects or pursuits that fascinate you and that you would enjoy doing full-time for a living. Outline what steps you can take to make these activities your life’s work.

4. Review the circumstances of a bad experience in your life, and list what you learned from the experience that will be helpful in your future progress.

5. Evaluate your progress in the following areas of personal performance, and outline how you can achieve personal development in each:

– Relations with other people
– Communications
– Adapting to change
– Improving the world

In concluding, let me remind you that the critical secret for improving your life and expanding your world lies in discovering your gifts and developing them to the fullest. Your future may be found in what you love to do most and doing it in a way that helps others.

I will leave you with a final thought: With self-discipline and a strong commitment to personal development, you can accomplish anything you want. Do not settle for less. You have the power and ability to make your life a masterpiece.

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