People who are interested in developing themselves and creating goals know that how they feel about themselves is a big indicator of how positive they will be about achieving their personal development goals.

Keeping a positive attitude and believing that you can achieve your goals is an important part of actually following through and reaching a goal. Without a positive self image, it can be hard to believe that you can really make the improvements you need and to see the results that you want.

Work on Your Attitude

If you have a hard time believing in yourself because of a poor self image, then it may be your attitude that needs to be improved before you can improve anything else. With a better attitude, the positive outlook you need in order to stick to goals and believe they can be reached is possible.


To change it, make personal development goals that are simply about your attitude. Try to get through an hour without a negative thought. Then, try to go a whole day without thinking poorly about yourself. If you can break the habit of a bad self image, you will be able to believe in yourself and what you are capable of.

Using Affirmations to Change Your Attitude

An affirmation is simply a declaration that something is true. This may sound simple, but it’s a powerful personal development tool for changing your attitude and learning to have a better self image. Using affirmations can help you to achieve a better mindset and self image over time.

To use affirmations, think of some phrases that would be useful things for you to understand and to believe. These phrases can be as simple as “I like myself,” or more complicated sentences that encompass how you want to see yourself. Practice saying these affirmations during certain times of the day. You might say them each morning and night or you may recite them during the daily commute. Some people choose to say them each time they go into the restroom so that the affirmations are repeated several times throughout the day.

Self Improvement Leads to Reaching Goals

With a better attitude about yourself, your attitude about achieving higher personal development and other goals will be much improved. Instead of having negative thoughts about really being able to stick to a diet, a budget or a work schedule, you will believe that you can do it. And by believing it, it becomes possible for you.

With a positive attitude and a belief in yourself, it will be possible to set many other types of goals. Because you believe in yourself, you can set high career and financial goals and expect that your hard work will lead to reaching those goals.
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