Economic conventional wisdom suggest that there is not enough resources in our universe for everyone to survive and thrive. Think again. Through self development, you can have abundance and prosperity.

Many people believe that the world supply of goods are lacking in regard to supplying this world with all of our needs and wants. That the the only way to have enough for everyone is to take from others for one self.

Through personal development you can have all of your needs taken care of, and your heart desires full-filled.

The conventional economic guru theory of why we will not have enough supplies for generations to come is supported by the thought that the universal supply of goods, finally will run out and that there will not be enough goods to support us. This theory is debunked in my view, because God would not made [and continues to create] these billion of humans, without adequate supplies for them.

The bottom line with regard to one having a lacking mentality is simply found in the dearth of one’s own self improvement. As we improve our minds with regard to having unlimited thinking, the possibilities become unlimited.

There are two main reasons that we, will never be short of abundance and prosperity in this world, as long as we allow ourselves to personal develop.

Here are the two main reasons why we will always have abundance and prosperity in this world.

Number one: as man continue to develop his intellect, he will discover better methods for producing goods in this in this world. An example of this is found in the history in this country [USA] with regard to whale oil and coal being our chief supply for transportation. These commodities were used to power the ships and to light lamps and candles. The pessimist would often lament how we will run out of these two commodities, and then we will be doomed. But the discovery of petroleum oil [This was done through man’s personal development of his mind] supplanted the need for whale oil and coal as our main commodity for powering our engines.

The number two reason that man will always have abundance and prosperity, is tied in closely with the first reason that lack is unacceptable, and that is technology will assure us that we look for better ways of producing goods. So as we develop our inner selves with the use of technology,new horizons are born.

So in summation, if we will realize that we are children of God. And that we are made to have unlimited thinking, which produces technology, which produces new and better methods for acquiring goods. This is all bore out through personal growth.


Wendell Wilkins is a 15 year mlm’er and online business person. He formerly taught school on the elementary level.  Visit his site at     and
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