I was talking to a friend recently who is pretty much anti Law of Attraction. There is much debate about Law of Attraction in many personal development courses.

And as we discussed the details of this debatable topic I realized something. That he has as much passion and conviction in his beliefs as anyone else, if not more. But what he believes kind of goes against the grain in the personal development world. Most personal development courses teach the law of attraction in a big way.

I have my own ideas and experience with what people label the law of attraction and I have my own beliefs. My beliefs are based on my own experience with attraction as a whole and if you ask me thequestion, “Does it work?” I will say absolutely. In fact you can never reach new levels of life or create new experiences in your life without attraction.

I don’t need to get into the debate about vibrations and frequencies because to me it is not necessary. The bottom line is, as always, you will find what you are looking for in any thing you look at. If you look for all of the reasons why something wont work for you, you will find them. That is where many personal development courses fail. And on the flip side if you look for all of the reasons why something will work for you, you will find those as well.


The question is which approach serves you better?

It is your perspectives and focus that create the opportunity for you to build your ultimate life not some mystical magical unexplainable force that really can’t be measured. It all comes back to you each and every single time.So really if you have to define this force I would say it is you! Not something else out there putting things together for you. YOU do it.

Give yourself some damn credit, you deserve it!

When you focus your efforts on becoming a better athlete you become a better athlete and more teams are attracted to you because you have raised your athletic energy. You have just attracted more success into your life and experienced the law of attraction. That is what the law of attraction looks like. Some other force didn’t make you a better athlete, you are that force.

I don’t care how long you stare at a statue and focus on it turning into gold, it will NEVER happen! You would be better off spending your time mining for the gold if that is what you want.

I think what many people are teaching is actually just simple awareness (which is one of the BANABU principles also). I mean of course if you focus your attention on a red fire truck you will notice one more quickly than if you were busy thinking about the 283 things you had to get done in the next 45 minutes. You did not manifest or attract the fire truck into your life, you simply became aware of what was already there and allowed it into your experience.

Does attraction work? My answer is, yep it sure does,at least when you start to become the thing you desire is attracted to. You can’t scientifically prove that the Law of Attraction works and you can’t scientifically

prove that is does not work. What you can do is take steps to progress in your life and become the kind of person that success is attracted to.

So whatever position you take ask yourself the question, “Which perspective ultimately serves me the most in creating my ultimate life”. When you answer that the debate is over!

To your ever expanding success,

Jeff Rogers

P.S. Don’t get too caught up in all of the hype. This journey is about building your ultimate life. Sometimes that means attraction and sometimes it simply means rolling up your selves and getting your hands dirty doing the work required to build that life!

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