The number one challenge I see today with personal development courses
is this. There isn’t very many people who combine both critical elements that make for a happy and balanced life. It’s either 100% spiritual or 100% mechanical. But in my experience it’s only when you can swirl those two things together (like one of those yummy swirl ice cream cones) that you have the breakthrough needed to experience success with personal development courses. It takes both to create the results most people are trying to create. When you have too much of either you get all off balance and you get frustrated. So if you’re a die hard “action only! all this spiritual journey shit is for the birds” type of person, try taking a minute to use that thing you have called a heart, get out of your damn head and reflect on why you care so much to take all that action. And if you’re more like, “I’m going to sit in this meditation position and create my life with my mind until I attract the things I want” type of person, try getting off your ass, put out the insence, and DO something to get the stuff you decide will make you happy. Make yourself one of those swirly ice cream cones that has both flavors.


Find the perfect personal development courses that give you both flavors At least try it, if it sucks and you hate it and your life doesn’t suddenly become much more clear and enjoyable, than bag it and go back to what you were doin. That’s the beauty of it all, you and only you, are in control. One more thing for you to pat yourself on the back for. Either way you are, mechanical or spiritual based, you deserve props because believe it or not most people still haven’t figured out that they have the ability to decide… I believe it’s our job, responsibility, and sacred oath, (the ones who are at least somewhat aware and awake to the fact that we DO have the choice) to pass the torch and gently lead other people to that point of self discovery. DO you remember that? DO you remember how empowering it was when you first discovered that you are in total control of your life, your results, and your destiny? Thats where many personal development courses are fundamentally lacking. Heck it might have even been through reading my story of triumph over myself. You can do no greater good than expose another person to that truth…

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To your ever expanding success,

Jeff Rogers

P.S. I’m trying to figure out a way to expose more people (A LOT) to that truth and have been for a while…

Jeff Rogers is a serial entrepreneur. He successfully started and ran 3 companies. Jeff is currently most interested in personal development and internet marketing. He owns Personal Development Courses and Banabu
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