If you’re of mature age and you’re looking for work in all likelihood you’ll be competing with the GenX’ers and GenY’ers for the available positions. 

Whilst there’s no doubt that we mature age workers have the skills and experience to be competent at the job, more often than not it’s our mindset that gets in the way. 

When was the last time you did anything to develop yourself personally? When was the last time you seriously re-evaluated your goals and set new ones? Even if you have revised your goals or even set new goals who is helping you to stay on track, focus and achieve those goals?

You can bet the GenX’ers & GenY’ers are seriously into personal development and guess what? That’s what employers are looking for. The job market has changed. The marketplace is now global, it’s fast paced and the dynamic is different.

Mature age workers may well have the technical skills to perform the job but these days more often than not that’s not enough.

I know when I first started to think about what I might do to take back control of my life I realized quickly that my main problem was mindset. I was still thinking that the world owed me something for all the years of hard work and dedication I had put in.

You know what? The world doesn’t owe me anything – I owe it to myself to change my mindset and look at the world and the marketplace as it is now and not as it was then.

While searching for new job opportunities I realized very quickly that unless I changed my mindset nothing would really ever change and I needed support to do this. 

Remember: “If you want something you’ve never had, you’ll have to do something you’ve never done”. 

That’s when I came across this unbelievable home-based business opportunity which is built on the distribution of a selection of high quality educational and personal development products. 

The last time I experienced anything to do with personal development was probably when I worked for a corporate multi-national and that was at least 10 years ago. Corporations understand very well the value of developing their employees and therefore conduct regular programs to ensure that their employees are focused on achieving corporate goals.

The most successful corporations, the ones who consistently improve their shareholder value, are the ones who have a robust and ongoing program of employee personal development. 

So if you’re unemployed, under employed or self employed in all likelihood you’re missing out on personal development opportunities and therefore falling behind in your quest to find a new job. 

The point of all this is that even if the distribution business model is not for you, you can benefit from the suite of educational and personal development products the company backing the program produces.

Through personal development you can change your mindset and who knows, this might just be the difference in a mature age worker finding a new job or better still creating a lifestyle business with the freedom and financial security that comes with it.

Make today the first day of your new life.

For more information visit: www.notacrankyoldbastardanymore.com

Warwick Blair – Mature age worker – Home based business entrepeneur
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