In front of you sits a blank sheet of paper. Your task? Set clear personal development goals that will take you to a new level of achievement and performance.  But how exactly do you do that?  Here are a few guick tips that will get you on your way.

1.  Get a clear focus on the “why” first!

Look, I know you’ve probably heard that you need to write your goals down, make them specific, and make them measurable.  And I know you’re going to do all that.  But as part of that process you have to do one very important thing and you should do it as a measuring stick to see if the personal development goals you set are the right ones.  You should always ask yourself – why is this goal important for me?   Pay careful attention to your answer here.  If you can’t clearly articulate what a specific goal means to you and how achieving that goal will take your development to a higher level,, you should probably ditch it.   

2.  Set big, compelling, personal development goals.

If your personal development goals don’t excite you then what’s the point? You have to set goals that get you excited and perhaps even a little scared.  Nothing accelerates personal development more than a strong compelling goal that you can visualize as grand and worth achieving.  What you can accomplish is amazing, don’t sell yourself short with wimpy goals.  Make them stretch goals that are achievable, but require you to push past your comfort zone.

3.  Stoke the furnace!

In order to achieve your personal development goals you are going to have to increase your energy levels beyond where they are now.  Applying the same level of energy to your personal development goals that you have now will get you nowhere.  I can’t overstress the importance here.  Make losing weight, regular exercise, and eating for energy one of your first goals.  By prioritizing your health, you will have the energy to power through your goals and the early visible success of losing weight and feeling better will get you some early wins that can make all the difference in your attitude towards your other goals.  

4.  Use a system!

Writing goals on paper and hoping that you will remember them is a recipe for failure.  You have to develop a system or take part in a goal setting program that reinforces your goals every day.  Any system you use should help you clearly identify and set your goals, walk you through the “why” process, and drive you towards achieving your goals with requirements for daily action and at least weekly progress reviews.  If you’re not committed to a process you might as well simply make new year’s resolutions at a party and forget about them.

Use the four steps above and you will achieve your personal development goals.  Answer the “why”, set compelling goals, stoke the furnace, and use a system!

Hi I’m Robert Pierce and I’m passionate about helping others improve and dramatically change their lives.  If you’re interested in learning more about setting personal development goals visit  my review of the 100 Day Challenge.   If you’re interested in hearing more about how you can use goals to change  your life visit my Win With Goals page.  Thanks for reading!
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