People have been interested in personal development throughout history. But, what is interesting is what is happening today. Never in history has there been as much interest in personal development and self help material as there has been in all history!

Before the printing press was invented by Gutenberg being into self help was not what almost all of the people were interested in. In those times it was difficult to find places or people with good personal development information.

There was no demand, and little supply. After the printing press, the ease of putting ideas down onto paper, via the printing press, was much easier. Interest for personal development increased.

This interest for personal development only started increasing by vast factors, only started to happen in the late 19th and early 20th century. Even though this increase of interest was big, it was not until this century that there has been vast interest in personal development.

You see, in the times we now live, we don’t just have places that will give us personal development information or only books. Today, we have access to tape programs, and considering that tapes, CD’s, and downloadable products have easy access, and also the ability to do something else, and still learn is amazing.

The internet has changed the face of personal development. You can easily learn online, and there are many personal growth materials online. All this information is not just in text or audio, but some can offer video, and interaction.

The ways of learning have increased, and allow us to get into personal growth; however we want, whether that is through video, audio or an online e-Book. It doesn’t stop with the learning however.

There are many other interesting developments. For example, biofeedback is a technology I have seen used in meditation. The biofeedback equipment measures your body’s heartbeat, and can allow you to get peak meditation.

As we move into a more vibrant world, we will find that there is much more to personal development and find ways and means to make personal growth as easy and seamless as possible.

Learning may even become like the film Matrix, where you can learn how to fly a helicopter in 5 minutes! And it will be interesting, considering that speed reading and even photo reading is becoming more popular.

The key part to all this, is knowing what needs changing in your lives. After all, that is what personal growth is all about – growth.

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