Personal development may turn a lot of people off because of its image.  You always see these self-proclaimed gurus, peddling their tape sets and e-books, telling you that you can be happier, become a millionaire, lose weight, learn to use superhuman powers and read “War And Peace” in 15 minutes… if you’ll just buy their CD set or e-book!

It’s no wonder this can turn people off.  Personal development might seem tacky or new-agey to you, but if you look a little more closely at what they have to offer you, you might find something very useful there.

“Personal development” basically means working on yourself.  That’s it.  It’s a pretty general category.  It’s something that athletes, artists, celebrities and business owners all to in order to achieve their personal best at what they do.  If you consider simply that personal development means doing what you do the best you can, it starts to make a lot more sense.

Maybe you don’t want the Maharishi’s 10-Day Weight Loss Hypnosis Program, or the Brainwave Machine that unlocks the millionaire giant within; but what about some tips and strategies to help you use your time better, deal more effectively with difficulties in your professional life, or improve your skills and abilities?  Here are some common subtopics in the wide field of personal development.

Coping strategies.  Stress is no joke.  Little things that happen everyday can cause you a lot of frustration and health trouble.  Everybody has their way of dealing with stress, but personal improvement can help offer you some new ideas for how to deal with little daily difficulties.

Getting the most out of everyday.  Everybody could use more time in their busy lives.  But honestly, if you had more free time, don’t you think you’d end up wasting it somehow?  We don’t need MORE time; we need to use the time we have more effectively.  Everybody I know could use a little help getting organized!Overcoming personal problems.  We all have little things that keep us from doing what we want to do, and they differ from person to person.  Have you ever heard the saying “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom always to tell the difference?”  Personal development can help you figure out how to deal and live with your own personal problems.

Dealing with difficult people.  You are bound to have to deal with people at your job or in your family that give you a major headache.  You can work on yourself so that you can handle other people and not let little things get to you.

Working around life’s obstacles.  Things aren’t ever going to go the way you’ve planned, and you will always face difficult times.  Personal development can teach you ways that you can handle life’s crises without destructive consequences.  Nobody can totally go it alone.

Increasing your brain power.  In your everyday life, you only use a small fraction of your brain.  Wouldn’t you like to improve your memory, control your mind and get more out of your grey matter?  Personal development can show you all kinds of new ways to use your brain.  There’s a lot going on there that you don’t know about!Probably the most important thing personal development has to offer is a way to stay positive.  It’s not always easy to do.  It’s much easier to develop negative patterns of thinking that only drag us down in the muck.

If you’re a skeptic, like me, surf the net a little and see what you find.  Don’t be close minded; personal development may have something to offer you.

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Tom Miller
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Tom Miller

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