Achieving everything you wish for in life requires a foundation of positive thought.  It’s not as easy as you might think.  Consider all the negative energy we deal with day after day.

When it comes to negative energy, the newspapers, magazines, radio, television and the internet are all too eager to report what’s wrong with anything in our society. People choose to report the news stories they read, concerning themselves about things that have nothing at all to do with them, or about which they can do nothing. In this way the negativity gets passed on from one person to another like the nasty virus it is.

In his most famous book, “Think and Grow Rich,” Napoleon Hill explains that negatives thoughts can control our minds.  We are too willing to accept negative thoughts far more readily than positive thoughts.  Napolean Hill also warns against the danger of spreading negative thoughts to others.

Remember the saying every cloud has a silver lining? Some people prefer the cloud. They can even make you feel bad about good weather. If it’s sunny they want rain for the crops. Then when they get rain it’s still not right. It didn’t last long enough, was too heavy or too light, or it left dirt over everything. These people have turned pessimism into an art form. Stay around them for too long and you’ll adopt their negative attitudes as your own.

Napoleon Hill recounted the experiences of people who had failed as well as those who had achieved financial success in “Think and Grow Rich.” Hill was a positive thinker who was extremely confident of his own ability to succeed. Unless you are already as strong in your positive convictions and self-belief as Hill was, don’t waste a second — get out of there.


As an adult you can defend yourself against those constant negative influences — including the ones that come from your mind and have been holding you back since childhood.

Positive actions and thought are within your own mind. You wouldn’t respond to someone’s misfortune in their company by tactlessly discussing your own good fortune out loud.

You may be tempted to encourage someone to look for the positive. If your comments are rejected stop, and change the subject as soon as possible. Better still, end the conversation and walk away. Chances are they’ll be negative about other things as well, and constantly trying to counter this is tiring and frustrating.

Follow these suggestions and you’ll pretty soon have an alternative for all the negatives that come your way. Persist and you’ll become skilled at quickly replacing those negative thoughts with uplifting positive thoughts that will keep you on track as you succeed in all areas of life: financial freedom, health and happiness.

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