Regardless of your emotional state, it is the ability of getting yourself to take action. According to many philosophers, self disciple is like muscle, the more you train it, the more you enjoy the result. It is a kind of progressive training, which means once you succeed, you increase the challenge for yourself. For instance, if you are working out for same weights, you won’t get stronger muscles.

Self discipline is one of the many tools available to enhance your personal development.

In order to achieve something better in life, it is very important to develop self discipline because self discipline is a key for developing your personality. It is very important to empower your will, because it is responsible for self discipline. Why people blame their failures and unhappiness on others? Why they don’t taking responsibility for their own failure and unhappiness? The answers of these questions are hidden in the self irresponsibility, lack of confidence, fear and lack of conscience. These all negative things can be perished by empowering your personality. Personal discipline is nothing but a sort of training of the brain.

Once you learn how to discipline yourself and empower your mind, you will be amazed by the results, because self discipline results in personal development and ultimately leads to success. There are few tips in order to boost your power of self discipline and hence enhance your personality. These are as follows-

1.You should focus on your goals. For instance, focus on losing 30 or 40 pounds (according to your health) rather then focus on losing some weight. You should set particular target and concentrate on it.
2.You should set the time frame for your goal. For instance, set target to lose 30 pounds in 40 days rather then lose some weight in few months. If your goal is big, then you will increase your time frame.
3.Always set high standard-don’t compare yourself with others. Set standards and your own goals.
4.Self motivation will be very helpful for strengthen self-discipline.

These are few tips or guidelines which are very helpful to enhance self discipline and hence strengthen you personality development. Always remember there are five pillars on which self- discipline can be staked. These pillars are acceptance, willpower, hard work, industry and persistence. A WHIP- is a convenient way to remember these pillars. These pillar needs to be fortified for enhancing your self discipline.

There are four types of personal developments which can be achieved on the bases of strong will power or self-discipline. Assertiveness, Submissiveness, Manipulative, Aggressiveness are four types of personal development.

Assertiveness is what you want clearly, firmly; acknowledging and gently your own right and state what you want from other as well as from yourself.
Submissiveness is always keeping at peace and getting along well with others.

Aggressiveness is not being considerate because it is negative feeling; one has to overcome his or her anger to enhance their personality.

Manipulative person is always attacking others and making them fell guilty. Thus, you should suppress this in order to achieve good personality.

Stephen C Campbell is a Master NLP Practitioner, personal coach who runs Self Development programs and a free membership site.
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