Imagine being able to conduct your life in order to reach potentials beyond any expectations you may ever have had. But where do you start it? How do you do this? The truth is that you need to learn how important your own thinking is in order to achieve your true potential and beyond.


I know that since I was a child my mother had always tried to get me to eat peas but after trying then and not liking them years ago I have not tried them since. The point that I am making is if you think about it this is similar to other blind spot statements that you may have made in the past such as “I was useless at music in school so I never sing”. 


Through personal development courses I have seen this time and time again. There are countless individuals who are afraid to try something because they do not think that they can do it. Yet how are we going to change this? In order for us to grow as individuals in our personal development we need to change the way that we have been structured to think.


On a recent personal development course an 83 year old man asked could he shake my hand, I said of course but was inquisitive to know why. He told me that he had been to a previous seminar I had given on personal development and that night he asked his partner Gary of 54 years to marry him.


Think about it, you do not need someone else’s permission to do or say or think what you want to and to make you the person that you want to be. The only person that can do that is you so that you can be the person that you are capable of being. You have so much potential to offer the world yet unfortunately you are not even coming close to the potential that you possess because you are locked in your own beliefs.


In personal development training I have seen the dedication, the courage, the confidence and the strength that is needed to change your beliefs about yourself but it is possible. This confidence and courage will then empower you to make decisions consciously and with the self belief that what you are deciding is what you want. This then in turn will lead you to having much more control over your future as you begin to think more effectively.


Take the film the Wizard of Oz for example the cowardly lion, the tin man and the scarecrow all wanted something that they though that they did not have but it turns out that they did have it in the end. They did not need to go searching the land for it as they already possessed it but just did not know.


Personal development is a matter of learning to think effectively. Telling yourself that you are capable, you are intelligent and you have an unlimited amount of potential.

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