Personal development training is instrumental in reaching your goals.  I got involved back in the 90’s and didn’t know what I was doing, but I like what I saw and I loved what I HEARD. 

I was a Young buck at the time blazing a path to stardom in the corporate world.  Little did I know that personal development would give me vast knowledge a lot of money.


Here is how I got started.  I was watching a PBS show featuring Les Brown.  This person was amazing and exactly what I was looking for to succeed.  I needed a mentor or a coach to guide me through all the corporate bull.  I knew I had talent, good education and some skills.  However, something was MISSING.


I needed something or someone to take me to the next level.   I started implementing what I learned at night from my personal development mentors and incorporating it into my daily meetings, Unbelievable success achieved.  I had people literally coming from another division next door for a daily dose of motivation.


Zig Ziglar says it best.  Motivation is like a bath, you need one every day. Do you think Tiger Woods has a coach each day of practice?   I wondered how it would be to watch a professional sport without a coach on the sideline.  Utter Chaos, no direction, no guidance, and no discipline.


Personal development is more than motivation.  It is many things to many people; it is what you perceive it to be in your occupation.  It is training the masses to achieve a common goal without interruption the project you are currently working on. It is developing skills and building relationships with people.


Imagine this, with the small amount of personal development training,  by watching my DVD’s, it aided me in  being promoted from supervisor to Director of a state in 13 months and it all started by a PBS show that catapulted me into the personal development arena.


I’m now doing something I never knew I loved but utilized the training to succeed.  When I ran across this newe company promoting this type of opportunity, it was a no brainer.  You mean to tell me I can get my own personal library packed with some of the world’s greatest mentors on personal development via the internet.  Priceless.


Check out my website   there are no lead capture pages there just straight forward information and the opportunity  to join my team and build an exciting business through personal development. Call me at 904-444-2989 and let us discuss your future in reaching your goals.  If you truly want to succeed in network marketing, I suggest you contact me so I can coach you until your dreams comes true.

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James Lawrence, Jr is a graduate of John Yeates High School, Suffolk, Va.
A.A.S Degree Business Management, Chowan College, Murfreesbor, Nc.
Graduate of St. Paul’s College, Lawrenceville, Va. B.S. Degree Business

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