Napoleon Hill writes in the book “Think and Grow Rich” that if you can conceive it you can achieve it.  Personal Development is a powerful weapon to counteract the numerous negative thoughts that plagues us.  Visualization is a great way to retrain your mind to see things as you want them to be.  You must be able to tap into your sub conscious mind to cultivate your thoughts.  If the path to riches was a marathon, then thoughts would be considered the first step.  Thoughts that are contributing to your success will keep failure at bay.You must fill up your mind with positive thoughts through personal development and visualization.

I am not talking about the rah-rah pump it up positivity temporary fix; no I am talking about goal oriented thoughts.  I remember when I sold a very expensive product door to door our supervisor always had these meetings that were purely rah-rah pump you up and send you out the door.  He really believed that those meetings were the reason that kept us motivated all day long.  This concept did not work, because it was one to two hours before you reached your first home to present the product.  When you worked on a van, then it might be 4 to 6 hours before you even got a “show”. You had to be able to motivate yourself through personal development by listening to tapes and reading books.


Your goals had to be big enough to overcome the negative thoughts swimming in your head on that long ride to your presentation.  The beauty of tasting success is that nothing hurt when you are winning.  When your sales are down, then every little thing is a major issue.  One on one selling is one of the most transparent forms of selling.  Your potential customers can detect fear and doubt and use it to stroke you out the door.

Your potential customers will pick up on your attitude and use it to their advantage.  A critical part of the presentation was performing a mattress test in your prospect‘s bedroom.  I have personally closed many deals at this point and the rest was just a formality.  If you are not sure of yourself, then you would never be able to accomplish this key part of the presentation.  Your words move you to action, moving you towards your goals for the future.

If you are unable to move to action to perform a critical part of the presentation, a bad habit will form.  The habit of not doing your best will lead to you taking shortcuts.  You will no longer attempt to get into the bedroom, your sales would decrease. When you are in a funk amazingly everyone else is to blame for your failure.  You would blame the system, the lead or the economy.  A habit whether good or bad is formed anywhere from 21-59 days of action so pay close attention to your actions.

Your character of who you truly are to the core is developed by these habits.  Your character in turn determines your destiny.  If you are not happy where you are in life then change your destiny with your thoughts. Where you are in life can be traced back to actions or in actions taken by you.  Negative thoughts will become your future, unless you make a conscious effort through personal development to change. Your destiny started from thoughts, so cultivate your thoughts wisely.

Shirland Carrington is originally from Barbados. Shirland earned his B.S and M.B.A degrees to help him achieve his goals and dream. Amazingly, Shirland is achieving his dreams without direct correlation to earning his degrees.
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