Personality has been defined in a lot many ways but the one I like the most is ‘the sum total of ways in which an individual behaves’, short and meaningful. We can look upon the term from a surface and a holistic perspective; accordingly we have personality traits that are either internal or external.

External personality traits are those that are visible from outside and internal traits are those that are not visible externally. Traits like your dressing sense, the way you carry yourself, the way you walk and talk, your etiquettes, etc are all part of your external personality. On the other hand, traits like honesty, integrity, compassion, sincerity, level of intellect, etc are traits that are difficult to judge externally. Here, we talk about personality development from the perspective of communication skills i.e. an external personality trait.

Communication no doubt is an integral aspect of one’s personality especially in the purview of a world setup where people are expected to be outgoing and socializing. If you feel inferior in front of people or hesitate in mixing with them or lack confidence in whatever you do, joining personality development courses can help. If you’re living in metro like Delhi, finding out for such courses is not a big issue. You can easily find several personality development courses in Delhi. All you need to do is to find the one that suits your requirements and budget.

Most of the people are good technically in their respective fields, but a large part fails to communicate their ideas at the workplace and in social gatherings.

Most of the people face problems like

Speaking in public (the fear of speaking in public – Glossophobia). In framing sentences that are grammatically correct. Lack of vocabulary. Inadequate presentation skills.

More specifically if talk of speech; most people are unable to speak effectively or too coy to express themselves to others especially in public gatherings. Perception and expression are two elements in personality development that help you speak effectively and others to gauge you as an individual. People who are well read are able to gather more thoughts and express themselves more clearly. Reading is therefore very important to speak well. Books, novels, newspapers, columns and magazines are a good way to increase your IQ. There is no way how you can speak for long meaningfully without being well read and informed.

Another important thing for improvising your communication is the ability to listen. Listening is a source of gathering information and ideas. It is only when you listen that you are able to develop ideas and opinions of your own. Unfortunately in communication skills and personality development not much attention has been given to the importance of listening. One needs to ensure that listening is not ignored. When you listen well then only you are able to reply in the same context. Speaking without listening means poor communication. Therefore, on these bases you can conduct an individualized research and find the best among all the available personality development courses.

When we communicate effectively we create a positive perception in the minds of people. Those who talk carefully both in formal and informal gatherings create positive impressions in the minds of people.

It was also found out that those who can communicate effectively have greater chances of success in professional lives. What is the way out then? The best way to enhance your communication skills is to start speaking, but you need a mentor and finding one is often very difficult these days. The best option therefore is to join Personality Development Classes to improvise your communication.

There are lots of personality development courses in Delhi that coach on personality development. But before you join any make sure what programs are they offering you? Is it general English speaking? Is it accent training or both? Technically speaking when you talk of personality development and communication skills you are talking not only about speaking skills but also your body language, gestures, intonation, accent, emotions etc. Ensure that you join an institute that takes care of all this.

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