Personal development is the most essential thing for developing your career, your finance, your emotions, your health, your spiritual beliefs and above all your relationships. It is not an easy task to develop your personality, but at a same time it is not an impossible task. One requires hard work and power to decide what kind of person you truly are from inside and one has to gets ones actions to comply with one’s true self. It requires the internal balance, control actions, your thought and skills. All these requirements are responsible for maintaining good relationship.

Good communication skills, good health, purity of mind, security and many more factors are there to gauge your personal development.

Effects of relationship on personal development

Relationship and personal-development goes hand to hand. There are positive as well of negative effects of relationship on personal-development.

There are different sort of relationships, which are classified as below-

1. Family relationships- Relationships exist with parents, siblings, children and spouse.
2. Friendship – Relation between friends.
3. Working relationship- Relationship between teacher and student, employer and employee, peers and colleagues.
4. Intimate personal relationships and sexual relations.

These relations play important part, or one can say these relations holds the key for individual’s social, mental and emotional development. Abuse, lack of support and neglect can produce adverse affect on your personal development, while love, care, help and support can make your personal developments in positive way.

Changes in the relationships also affect the personal developments. For instance, divorce, death of friend or your relative, unemployment, retirement, fighting with relatives and friends, injury/ accident or any mishap to relatives and friends etc are negative experiences that will hinder your personal development. On the other hand, birth of a sibling, marriage, living with partner, starting new business with friends, starting schools or college, getting job and many such positive events in relationship will enhance your personal developments.

Apart from these events and types of relationship, some other factors which contribute to personal-development. These factors are economic factors, physical factors and environment factors. These factors contains genetic inheritance, diet, amount and type of physical activity, income, material possession, religion, illness, disease, pollution, welfare services, housing condition and many more which contribute to affect your personal development.
The popularity of interaction on internet and making relationships has increased dramatically, through exchanging their views, verbal and culture, people establishing relationship on cyber station. Exchanging good thoughts, making good long term relationships, knowing different social culture and many more positive things online will enhance your personal-development. It is very important to share your views to maintain good relationship and according to some psychologists, it is an integral part of your personal-development, because after knowing the authenticity of your thoughts, one can develop accordingly.

Thus, it is very important to develop good relationship in order to enhance your personality and vice-versa.

Stephen C Campbell is a Master NLP Practitioner, personal coach who runs Self Development programs and a free membership site.
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