Why do so many of us feel threatened when we come across some who has a conflicting opinion than us? Why do we get all defensive and feel rejected when someone doesn’t share the same point of view as us?

Can we all be right in what we choose to think?  Or is anybody who has a different point of view automatically wrong?

Let’s take an example.  Say someone likes the color red and someone else likes the color blue.  They each like different colors so who is wrong?  Nobody each is entitled to like whichever color they like.  There is no right and wrong just whatever works for each person individually.

What happens if someone likes a particular political party and someone else likes a different one?  Who is right and who is wrong?  Because they each share differences of opinion can they respect each other?  

Many feel so threatened that someone doesn’t think the same as they do that they will kill over it. This is what most wars are over – conflicting views of opinion.  

Why cannot we feel secure enough in ourselves to not feel threatened when someone has a different point of view?  It really is the rare person who can tolerate this.

Most will surround themselves by other people who think the same way they do.  They then form groups that actively hate anybody that doesn’t agree with them.

It’s sad but this is sadly what most of us are like.  Perhaps the world would be a safer place if more of us accepted diversity.  That everyone can be right in their own world.  

Because ultimately it doesn’t matter what is right or wrong.  It’s just whatever works for each person individually.

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