Self-help for motivation plays the key role as a person knows more about himself than others. It is not mandatory that self-help relies on taking ideas from others while performing some tasks. There are adequate books to encourage and practice self-help for motivation.

Books such as `The Secret` of Rhonda Byrne have created a buzz in the media and are marketed well as it promises abundance of happiness. This book focuses on thinking positively, desiring for a goal like a magnet and using the law of attraction to get closer to your dreams. Rhonda Byre is a hit and is worth reading as it has skillful numbers of self-help gurus as well as motivational speakers who contribute their positive thinking. Though, these ideas may have appeared in thousands of other books, The Secret has presented it in such a way that the reader will understand the need of self-help for motivation clearly.

The book `Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling` of Wayne Dyer gives an insight of looking inside for self-help for motivation other than looking outside. This book encourages its readers to seek the non-physical self for motivation and to work goal oriented. Motivation is the result of the inspiration coming from inside, the self-help and this has an infinite power to shower peace and to remain contented with the current life. Wayne Dyer takes down to the path of spirituality, but yet promotes self-help for motivation and is enjoyable to read.

The book `A New Earth: Awakening to your life`s purpose` of Eckhart Tolle is highly popular and million of copies keep selling daily. This can be read by anyone as Tolle discusses about ego, body pain, self and awakening to meet the purpose of life. He points out that intense self awareness brings positive changes and this book offers some practical solutions to reach the hopes and dreams. A New Earth fills the reader with ideas and induces to work to self-help for motivation. This book unconsciously enhances the identity and with this association the object is reached easily.

The `Power of Now` is another book of Eckhart Tolle that reveals an honest spiritual awakening to attain peace and happiness. He focuses the concept of now in the book and suggests to stop thinking about the happenings of yesterday or what will happen tomorrow and to only consider now, that is real and this will be a great escalation to self-help for motivation. This book is easy to understand and encourages the reader to think of now.

The book `Awaken the Giant Within` of Anthony Robbins covers various topics and goal setting, besides personal finance as well as relationships. This book tells how to control mind, emotion, physical as well as financial destiny. This book is entertaining and informative and makes positive changes on the reader. He states that even a tough decision may take a great time, but a person feels tremendous relief on taking it and this helps self-help for motivation to accomplish any challenge.

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