The unprecedented economic crisis has derived some working people out of a job. Are you one of those unfortunate? If the answer is yes, then don’t be upset, just cheer up and find relief in this essay on how to create a competitive resume.

Resumes play a vital role in job hunting. Generally, an attractive resume can work magic in opening the door of your expecting company. To compete in a hot position, you must be more confident and skilled than other candidates to arouse the first consideration of the recruiters. And all your talents and experience should be reflected in a brief resume, which serves as the first impression to potential employers.

Then how to create a catching resume to best sell yourself? Instead of a traditional paper resume, you can try to introduce yourself in a dynamic video. That’s what we call as Video Resume. A video resume is another way for job applicants to showcase their abilities. It allows prospective employers to see, hear and get a feel for how the applicants present themselves.

video resume for job hunting

With the increase of video-hosting sites like YouTube, usage of recorders, DVDs and broadband Internet, video resumes are taking on more popularity. The resumes in lively video are now widely accepted by companies throughout the world for varying professions. However, the need for objectivity in these videos is still a serious issue. Some recruiters feel that a video alone does not give an employer enough information about a candidate to make a proper evaluation of the applicant’s potential and more important skills. One article suggests that

“While a video resume introduces applicants on camera, the value such visual imagery adds is debatable. A text resume allows for specific pieces of information to be parsed out and compared across candidates. When the information is delivered verbally, recruiters need to glean the details themselves.”

Nevertheless, the advantages of a video resume overweigh its deficiency. It is expected to be the next wave on the world’s job market if efficiently evolved. A simple solution to the objectivity issue is to compose rich content for a video resume. Then you can employ MS PowerPoint, a great authoring tool of content, to bridge the gap of loss in objectivity. Use PowerPoint to combine your resume text with pleasant music, elegant images, intuitive charts and vivid animations, then save the dynamic PowerPoint resume as video using a conversion program (e.g. Moyea PPT to Video Converter). If you have to make editions on your video resume, just go to the source PowerPoint resume!

It is easy, isn’t it? Now, design an eye-popping video resume out of the easy-to-use PowerPoint to capture more job opportunities.


Before submitting a video resume to a recruiter, please remember:
1. Make sure whether video resumes are accepted by the target recruiters.
2. The video length is properly tailored (usu. 1- 3 min) to avoid fatiguing your audience.

Software for converting PowerPoint to Video: Moyea PPT to Video Converter; Leawo PowerPoint to Video

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