Many people find that they are unhappy with where they are in life. It may not be their entire life, just parts. They had thought by now they would be married, or have a thriving 401(k), or perhaps they wanted to be further along in their career. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to take action. Setting personal development goals is the first step in focusing your energy and preparing to achieve your dreams. Start by taking some time to think about what you want to accomplish from now until the end of your life.  Some of these may come easily.

Others may be more difficult because you haven’t dared to consciously consider them until now. Write them down. Now think about what you want to accomplish in the next twelve months.  This may include setting personal development goals in key areas such as family, career, social, wealth, or personal growth. Write these down as well. Remember, life is a journey that should be experienced fully. Don’t forget to consider hobbies that you would like to make time for, or getting in touch with your spiritual side. A well-rounded life can be very fulfilling. Now compare the two lists.

Will achieving the goals on your short list help with those on your lifetime list? There are some goals that may not be possible to achieve in one year due to resources. If there are several items on the list that require reserve finances, decide which are the priorities and cross the others off. Leave them on your lifetime list, though. They are still worthy goals. On a third sheet, you can begin setting personal development goals that you want to achieve professionally in the next year. List what you want the outcome of each to be.

Do any of the goals for your career overlap your personal life? If so, focus on these first as you will likely be highly motivated. Prioritize the items on your list, and note what activities must be completed for each. When setting personal development goals, a current “to do” list can help you remain focused and motivated. Start addressing one activity at a time. As they are completed, you will begin achieving goals that you never thought possible. Taking life one step a time with focus will help you stay on track. Rewrite your list as activities are completed, or as your priorities change. Your list will become the roadmap for your success in life.

Liam McCauley is a business coach and mentor located in Charlotte, NC, who specializes in providing serious entrepreneurs the skills in marketing their home based business to build a profitable online business with multiple income streams. To contact Liam, please call (803) 412-1449 or visit
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