If you don’t feel empowered in your life, if you feel overwhelmed or you feel that outside circumstances are dictating your experience, then it is worth taking stock and looking at energy sappers that may be keeping you from aligning with your higher self. These are patterns of beliefs and behaviors, which, although we may not even be aware of them, are running the show from behind the scenes. They are often referred to as “limiting beliefs”.

These are scripts like blame, shame, guilt, victimhood etc, which run in the background of our mental operating system and eat our energy. Often you don’t even know that these scripts are running or you don’t know how extremely powerful they are until you begin to uproot them and get them out of your life. Then you begin to realize that the flow is so much easier, you feel so much lighter and so much more connected with the natural energy around you.

I’m not suggesting that you should begin to spend a lot of time focusing on your limiting beliefs. Giving energy to them will only expand them in your experience, which isn’t what we want. On the other hand, if there is a strong pattern, which is continuously hijacking your thoughts and emotions, it is worth taking a little bit of time to decide to do something about it because it most likely will be affecting your experience and your ability to manifest things intentionally and positively.

Getting to the bottom of, and then figuring out how to uproot these patterns is the tricky part – especially if you don’t want to give them additional energy. The first step, as always is to set the intention to become conscious of those negative scripts that are running the show from behind the scenes. As you do your daily meditation practice, simply take a few seconds to plant that seed of suggestion. Say, “I intend to become conscious of and deal with any negative thought cycles that are diminishing my experience, impeding my natural energy flow and sabotaging my ability to manifest fully those things that I desire.” Say it, put it out there and then let it go.

You don’t need to dwell on it or try to dig around and immediately put your finger on something. Just let it go and expect that it will begin to happen (because it WILL!). When I firmly set an intention in my mind and then completely detach and let go of all thought or emotion around it and just forget about it, those are the things that manifest the most quickly into my experience!

If you feel that you really struggle to stay positive in your daily life, in all likelihood, there is a negative script or limiting belief that you hold that is affecting your experience. There are things you can do consciously in your daily life to help pinpoint and uproot these energy sappers. The first, as always, is simply to try to pay attention to how you feel. Set up prompts to remind you to take your emotional temperature from time to time (as I discussed in my article entitled Taking Your Emotional Temperature) and see what’s going on inside. If you find that you are feeling contracted or negative, ask yourself what you were just thinking. See if you can pinpoint the root thought that is causing dissonance.

Here’s an exercise you can do intentionally to help you identify negative thought patterns. The first step is to identify an activity you do that really gets you thinking and turning things over in your mind. In psychology this is called “occupational therapy” and it’s simply getting busy with something external – something you do with your hands or body – that frees your mind up to spin at it’s own discretion. For many, it could be housework or gardening, cooking, jogging or cycling, it could be during your commute to work, basically it could be anytime that your body is busy but your mind is free to just roam. It is at these times that your “automatic pilot” scripts will come forth.

As you begin one of these occupations, set the intention from the beginning to pay attention to what you are thinking about and to become conscious of patterns that are not serving you. Then let that go and just begin your task and set your mind free. As you go along, from time to time you may notice that you are spinning in a negative rut. You may be reliving a scene where you had a confrontation with someone, you may be imagining having a confrontation which hasn’t happened yet, you may be complaining mentally about something or you may simply get bogged down with “busy-ness”, thinking of all the things you have to do, what’s not going right for you in your life right now, etc.

The point here is that you begin to NOTICE where you are spending your mental energy and to look for chronic patterns that repeat themselves. Even though many of the thoughts may be very different, there may be a commonality between them that you should pay attention to. For example, perhaps many of them are based in feeling that you’ve been victimized or feeling that you are being taken advantage of. Many of them may be based in anger and resentment. See if you can pinpoint that pattern. Beneath all of those negative emotions, there will be a fear-based belief of some sort that is at the root of it. It may be a fear of abandonment, a fear of not being loved, a fear of being inferior, of being undeserving. Whatever the pattern or script is that is running in the background, there is an underlying fear and that fear is what we want to target and uproot.

As you become conscious of a negative pattern, you don’t need to dwell on it or try to examine it from all sides and find out where it came from, etc. Just OWN UP TO IT – in other words, take responsibility for the fact that you are spinning in a negative pattern and that your thoughts are YOUR responsibility – no matter how justified you may be in feeling that way. Notice it, own it, set the intention to release it and then bring your thoughts back to something positive.

I will expand on this in future articles and give you more exercises and tools that you can use to help you move into a more positive vibration.

I hope you have found this article useful. Please leave a comment on my blog at http://www.change-your-paradigm.com/ to let me know if this has helped or make a suggestion about something you want me to write about. For now, I wish you peace and joy.

Becca Kline is a freelance writer, blogger and platinum level expert author. Contributing to several niches including autism spectrum, parenting, education, personal development, personal empowerment and spiritual growth, her primary intention is to inspire others to grow beyond their current paradigm and reach their highest potential, one step at a time.Becca’s professional background spans 3 countries (and languages) and includes over 20 years in finance, operations and marketing with several large international companies. Skilled in personnel management, motivation, training and process improvement, Becca has developed and run a number of training programs for employees on a variety of topics and processes.Privately, Becca is raising two magnificent sons with Asperger’s Syndrome (autism spectrum disorders). Putting her knowledge and skills in personal motivation to use, she has developed unique and powerful techniques and processes for unlocking the potential of these extraordinary individuals.
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