Hey! Has that million dollar smile really vanished? Do we actually get it nowadays? I mean how many of us get to see that genuine “32 grin” that comes out from within our hearts and pierce the souls to whom we smile at? A few I guess are lucky to see them nowadays!

I’m afraid we now give out smiles that are conditioned only to suit the environment or just reluctantly to make a person feel acknowledged. We, in fact, have forgotten to smile thanks to the advent of a selfish and self- centered mean world!

Since time immemorial every progression has also been accompanied by degradation. This degradation can either be good or bad. When developments break binding shackles the change is welcomed with open arms and we all eagerly look forward to the new awakening with great hopes. However, sometimes these hopes turn into despair when things refuse to go just our way and the seeds of depression creep in to take us over.

Surviving in the rat race is the primary concern of many and in this bitter race we either lose or win. Acceptance of failures can be difficult if you allow pessimism to engulf you. You need to lose to win- yes the bitter truth of life! Face it and accept it as that is reality!

I know easier said than done…try to smile in all your failures for a change…you get back the urge to bounce back. It does not tax you to smile and you lose nothing. Smile for a change and see the difference it can make to your attitude. A positive attitude is needed for success and all winners have it in them. They are not different from you and me…they look at things differently and that’s the secret of their success!

Smiling through all the tides in life gives you the courage to fight with renewed vigor. Never quit as you cannot win without those failing steps to success. Each failure makes you wiser and stronger. Learn from them and never allow negativity to surround you. There is a silver lining in every cloud and you are bound to find it. Smile and just sail through with belief in yourself…you will reach your goal and conquer it too…believe me and till we meet again…smile and keep the faith!

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