Did you ever consider that by changing the way you focus on this “condition” that you can begin to reduce the stress level in your own life?

The whole concept of stress has negative vibrational connotations. Merely thinking about stress can set your mind and heart racing, bring up feelings of anxiety and perhaps evoke both a physiological and emotional (or gut) response within you.

What most people do not realize is that we can choose NOT to be stressed. Some people will say “that’s ridiculous” and just keep on believing that stress is something that happens to them, that it is something unavoidable.

This is absolutely not the case. It has taken me a long while to learn this (and I am still learning.) I have had plenty of firsthand experience with stress from all the years I spent working in a corporate deadline-driven environment. It was in more recent years, after studying Reiki and relaxation techniques, that I have reached the understanding that I AM the creator of my own life experience.

However, the reality of day-to-day life is a hectic, fast-paced world often requiring us to become “multitasking masters.” There are many potential stress factors surrounding us in our daily lives — we need to learn a variety of techniques to improve our own sense of well being and avoid any possible effects on our health.

One effective anti-stress tactic which has helped me is to release the word from my emotional vocabulary. Too simple, you wonder? Changing your perception by eliminating emphasis on the concept itself is a first step toward climbing out of the stressful thinking loop. Your ultimate plan should be to work your way up the emotional scale.

For instance, when I feel all my stress buttons have been pushed in a particular scenario, (such as when I start to complain that I am doing way too much, or I am overloaded, or have “too much on my plate” etc.) I might just admit to myself that I am feeling a little overwhelm at the moment. To me that does not bring up the same connotation as the thought of a full-fledged stressful situation.

Overwhelm is something we can better cope with, but it still does not exactly leave us in the mindset where we want to be. To move up to a better-feeling word, I might think “wow – I am really quite BUSY right now.” That is even a little further up on the emotional scale – doesn’t that statement sound better – and FEEL better? “Busy” is a word that may help lower the negative reaction within us. You can even acknowledge to yourself “yes, there is so much happening right now.” That sounds like something you can handle. So when you feel the stress begin to escalate, reach for that better-feeling word or phrase.

Of course, one’s goal should be to move even further up on the emotional scale, such as “I am adaptable and manage to handle all situations as they arise.” That completely shifts you to a different, better-feeling perspective. It is helpful to refrain from speaking about stress on a regular basis. You will find that the less you talk about it and focus on it, the better and more balanced you will feel!

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