I have had a wonderful day today outside in the sunshine. It feels so wonderful to bask in the warm rays of the sun on an autumn day. The day began cool and crisp, but as soon as the sun came out a warm glow spread across the outdoor vista of the golf course. The trees looked almost magical in the morning light, and the fairways were thick with lush emerald grass.

The leaves are turning a beautiful range of burnt orange and deep reds. No matter where you looked, there was something of exquisite beauty to admire. And there were all the ladies playing a Halloween game of golf, some dressed up in orange and black, or wonderful hats or cat like costumes. It was fun; great fun. We had a ball!

So many things came together today to make this day particularly special. Sunshine always helps; when the sun shines endorphins are naturally released and a “feel-good” sensation spreads throughout your physiology. To be outside and commune with nature is also something which is identified with peacefulness, balance and tranquility. For me, golf is also associated with fun, relaxation and enjoyment although I do appreciate that it does not induce these emotions in everyone!

And then there’s the fact that we were playing golf in teams which makes each person feel involved, cared for and valued. Do you notice how many “layers” contributed to the overall enjoyment of this day? The icing on the cake though was just to see people smile and hear them laugh and have fun in their Halloween costumes. It’s not just children who like to play games or dress up. It’s fun for adults too. Laughing also creates a spontaneous endorphin release, adding to the feel-good factor which was already being experienced.

It’s good also to look at things with fresh eyes, with childlike wonder. Toddlers laugh and laugh; they laugh innumerate times every day. We have a natural instinct to laugh and have fun. The process of growing up and becoming responsible adults often causes this instinct to dim somewhat. But that instinct is there, just waiting to be set free.

Why not deliberately throw away the shackles of restraint and responsibility just for a day and intentionally view your world with child like wonder? Pretend that everything that you see is new to you, as if you were seeing it for the first time, and notice how much you laugh and how good you feel. Alternatively, why not use your imagination to picture a wonderful sunny place, picturing yourself there, enjoying the endorphin release which these imaginings will automatically trigger?

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