The real keys to success for an internet business have more to do with what can be found within the person then it does with any business plan or structure. Marketing on the internet successfully involves the ability to adapt to a constantly changing environment. Most online entrepreneurs will tell you that achieving success in business on the internet is heavily influenced by your frame of mind.

Let’s look at 3 key characteristics that will serve you well in order to accomplish any degree of success in business when working online.

Work Ethic

The willingness to invest both your time and effort is another integral component you will need to possess in order to succeed online. Most online businesses are run by just one person and in this case the person is YOU! It is therefore safe to assume that any and all responsibilities involved in running the business will be yours to undertake and complete.

The good part about being your own boss is that you do not have to answer to anyone. The bad part is that the ‘buck stops with you’ therefore you are solely responsible for the successful completion of any task required to make your business a success.

Both time and effort therefore will be needed and in abundance to find the success you are looking for working online.


The internet is an exciting and invigorating environment pulsating with much energy. It is well known to be an environment that is dynamic in nature which also means it is in a constant state of change. Your ability to adapt to this change will eventually be the measure of your success in business online. New strategies will need to be tested and implemented while new policies will need to be recognized and followed.

If you are not comfortable with an ever changing environment than working online may prove to be an uncomfortable experience for you.


To undertake any task or goal you absolutely MUST believe that you can be successful in accomplishing what it is you have set out to do. The degree of success you will experience will be directly in proportion to your attitude. If your attitude is not positive it will only serve to make all your efforts more difficult and all your results less then what you hoped for.

Possessing the proper attitude and mindset are the real keys to success when working online. Marketing on the internet involves constant change and calls for the ability to adapt. Most online entrepreneurs who find success owe it to the 3 characteristics we discussed above. If you possess these traits you have what it takes to operate a profitable business on the internet. Without these attributes you may not find the success you are looking for online.

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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