If you face trouble from bad neighbors, you can do four things: approach the neighbor directly, get the landlord to help, contact the police, or pursue legal action.

If you live around a lot of people, you probably know the pros and cons of having many neighbors. It might be nice to have neighbors to chat with or people who can keep an eye on your house while you’re out of town. Then again, some could regularly hear loud noise from inconsiderate neighbors. If you have bothersome, noisy neighbors, a White noise machine may help solve the problem. For a more serious situation, the police may need to be called. Knowing the following practical tips on how to deal with bad neighbors may help solve whatever problems you are experiencing:

Solve the problem on your own

Sometimes you can resort to your own devices to solve a conflict with your neighbors. A white noise machine or an air cleaner can help get rid of nasty smells and also provide background noise. Minor inconveniences like these don’t have to involve drastic solutions or intervention from anyone else. It’s best to try and solve the problem yourself before you go ask others for help.

Try talking with the people that live next door

Communication is basic but very important in solving any problem, especially those involving bad neighbors. Some are shy and are afraid to use this somewhat confrontational approach. To get over your apprehension, you can start by getting to know your neighbors first and engaging in friendly chit chat with them. You will be at ease with them and might even start a lasting friendship. Also, keep in mind that your intention is not to argue or fight, but to simply tell your neighbor what the problem is and negotiate how your solution. However, if you have tried to solve the problem in a civil manner, and your neighbor just seems to want a fight, leave and go on to the other tips.

Approach your landlord for some assistance

Another place to seek help when involved in a confrontation with a neighbor is your landlord. Tell him the problem clearly and concisely. Your landlord can devise solutions like enforcing regulations or certain lease provisions which can promote the general welfare of all the tenants.

Get assistance from the authorities.

If your neighbor starts making threats to you or your family, or you sense that they are conducting any illegal activities, ask the police for help. Serious trouble can be averted in the future by police involvement.

Prepare to sue

Litigation should be the final solution, only after you have tried other options. If your neighbors won’t cooperate and your landlord is also unhelpful, then this may be the best tack. Keep important documentation and any other proof of the problems that can help you support your case.

All residents of a neighborhood and tenants in a rented place have the right to live comfortably and peacefully. You deserve space and time to relax, and dealing with difficult neighbors shouldn’t prevent you from this peacefulness.

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