Creativity in adults fosters unique ideas and helps in the home and workplace.  Creative adults are an asset to employers because they have ideas that others don’t have and are highly sought after in places like hospitals, schools, and in leadership positions.  While creativity is important in adults, it is equally important in children.  Just think how effective our schools would be given most of the students and teachers were able to think independently and think through ideas on their own without outside interjection.  Creative students are often smarter than students whose parents do not expose them to the arts or to innovative ideas.

Not only children should be encouraged to be creative, entrepreneurs who have unique and innovative ideas often excel above their non-creative counterparts and in some cases become millionaires because of their ingenuity.  Walt Disney is a great example of a creative person who used his unique ideas to create a timeless empire from one simple idea.  At an early age, he was exposed to the arts by his parents and started drawing.  Disney experienced rejection and failure, but he persevered and saw a need for new feature-length children’s films and eventually created Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  It was a huge success and paved the way for countless other movie endeavors, the creation of Disneyland, Disney World and other theme parks, as well as the princess phenomenon that has exploded in recent times.

Exposure to the Disney princesses can also help children become more creative.  Many children like to wear princess dress up clothes and pretend that they are a particular princess, like Cinderella.  They put on their blue and white ball gown and can play for hours “in costume”.  Who needs television or computers, when you can play for real?  Many little girls have not even seen the Cinderella movie, but can play pretend just based on their own creative ideas.

Adults can learn to be more creative by trying new things, or by excelling in ways that other people have not yet done.  For example, if you are in the business of retail sales, or run your own website, or even if you work for a company as an employee, check out the competition and what they are doing, see where the competition has neglected and where you can step in.  Your employer will appreciate your efforts and you may even get promoted for following your instincts and for going above and beyond what they other employees do.

Another idea is to add free items, to your site, do bulk sales, offer discounts that they don’t have.  Make relationships with people you could partner with for advertising.  Find a niche and hit it strong.  You don’t need to have a lot of money to do this.  In many cases, you can do it for free or on a tight budget.

Whether you exude creativity or whether you have a ways to go, make sure to foster your own creative instincts and those of your children, find ways to foster imaginative and unique ideas and behaviors.  This behavior will help you succeed at home, in the workplace, at school, with your children, coworkers, neighbors, and those around you.

Shelby Strong is an at home mom of 3 kids. She enjoys running an online store called My Cute Dressups where she sells Cinderella Dresses, and other princess costumes like Sleeping Beauty dresses, Snow White costumes, princess accessories, boy costumes and more.

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