The Glue of Personal Development.

Find out how integrity holds the pieces of your life together.

There are many telltale signs of how integrity makes life work. With integrity, your life has flow and is obstacle-free, allowing goals to be achieved more effectively and efficiently. Without integrity, your life has holes in it that leak your personal energy, leaving you drained and tired in an obstacle course of unfinished business.

Like structural engineering, personal integrity is the analysis and design of your own structure (your own truth). Like the supports that hold and maintain a building from collapsing, your truths (or non-truths) are the tiny details of your life that determine your structural completeness. Without integrity, your whole life can fall apart and come crashing down; however, with high personal integrity, you can withstand anything.

Personal development training teaches us that integrity is about completeness. It is about finishing what you start, such as your goals. When you can see something through to its conclusion, you will advance your integrity into another level of truth. The more truth you have in your life, the more strength and support you have for your personal goals. However, be careful of introducing lies into your life because once rooted in your mind, they will form structural cracks in your integrity.


Low personal integrity is a result of living a lie and being dishonest with yourself and others. Once you allow that pattern of lying to take up residence in your mind, your life begins to quickly fall apart. The only way to keep everything glued together is to maintain integrity by living in your personal truth(s).

Whenever you lie to yourself, you perpetuate the cycle of mistrust between you and your subconscious mind. You cannot hide what you think and feel from yourself. It’s difficult if not impossible to build the life of your dreams when in your subconscious mind you know yourself to be a liar and someone who cannot be trusted. Inevitably, by lying to yourself you end up lying to the world. Now, no one else will trust you either.

If you want to reverse the negative affects of low personal integrity, you need to learn how to recognize the lies of your life. They come in many forms and oftentimes seem rather harmless. Despite their innocuous appearance, these subtle lies are incredibly detrimental to your goals and the quality of life you want, as well as your integrity. Catching them as early as possible will alleviate their devastating affects.

As you can see, the truth behind the lie creates a misalignment between what you do and what you say. This contradiction is what makes some people stay broke or overweight when clearly they’d like to have more money or be in better shape. In other instances, some people may decide to stay in a relationship or job they don’t want despite the fact they clearly want something else. The worst lies are the ones you tell yourself.

So, if you want a life that works for you and has flow, then keep your personal integrity intact. After all, integrity is the glue of your personal development.

Brady is a Coach of personal development with courses designed to help you get ahead no matter what you choose to do.
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