Personal development is a way of life; you can’t know everything so if you embark on learning new things to broaden your horizons then this is personal development.

When constructing your personal development plan I suggest you begin by identifying the areas in your life that need attention. It can be challenging to identify areas of your life that need development, especially if you are not in tune with who you are, what you desire, what you have and don’t have.

In most cases your development goal is going to be about either building on your existing strengths or developing new skills and competencies. You can include short-term goals -something you may want to achieve this week and also long-term goals -things you want to achieve in twenty to twenty-five years. Make the goals ones that you can get excited about.


Once you have listed the goals for each area of your personal development, you then have to take the time to put a time line on each goal. It’s not important right now to know how you are going to accomplish your goals. By deciding when you’ll achieve a goal providence comes to your aid in making them a reality. If one year is your time frame and you are committed to this then write down one year. If it’s five years then write down five years.

Next write a paragraph or two stating why you are totally committed to achieving this goal within the year. Check to see if there are any patterns emerging from the comments.

There will be a mixture of self-study, formal training, informal training and “on the job” experiences. So if your goal is to be physically fit then you will want to find out information on health and fitness. Break it down to its simplest task if possible.

I hope you can now answer the question; why is personal development important. The persons who may own the businesses for which you work are employers of success strategies. They’re successful because they have embarked on learning the laws of success and millionaire mindset.

It’s time you become the employer of success and not the employee. Never again should you ask the question; why is personal development important. It holds the answer to changing you entire life. Learn to develop the millionaire mindset today.
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