I was in a bridal shop the other day noticing how happy the young women looked shopping for the “dress of their dreams”. Their faces were absolutely glowing. The women engaged each other in conversation picking out dresses, showing off engagement rings and regaling details of their upcoming wedding receptions. But one bride in particular caught my eye. She seemed a little reserved,even shy, and really wasn’t involved in the banter of the other women. She picked out a dress she liked, though, and took it with her into the fitting room.

What came out of that room was nothing less than a miraculous transformation. The girl looked radiant. Self confident. She strode to the mirror like a supermodel on a cat walk. Brightly smiling, she twirled around and around,as if she wanted to burn the image on her memory forever.

Some of the other women noticed her,almost afraid to comment,because she seemed a little “stand offish” before. But this was a different woman now. Transformed. Beaming. She now welcomed the chatter of the others and became part of their happy little group,helping them to pick out their dream dresses while still wearing her chosen garment.

The Law of Attraction is like the dress.When you begin to live your life on purpose you’re putting on that new dress. Seeing yourself in a new way. Living positively with positive expectations. Having a clear view of what you want,and giving thanks in advance for receiving it. Being friendly and outgoing to those around you. It absolutely makes your life better. Happier. And these positive feeling generate more positive feelings. These feelings build on each other and make you feel better and better. You don’t need the actual dress. (Especially if you’re a guy, which makes it a little ackward at best).

Why not try living your life on purpose? Try it for thirty days. See what happens. Write your goals down. Look at your list several times a day.  Really see and feel them coming to fruition. Be thankful for receiving them. Pick out the attributes you want to have and own them. It may seem at first that you’re falking it, but the more you act the way you want to be the more real it will seem. Each time. More and more. You’ve got nothing to lose but your old unwanted habits. Step into the light of world of the positive and watch what happens.

Deborah Ailman lives in the Tampa Bay area of Florida with her husband of twenty three years. She is mother to six beautiful cats and one very noisy bird. All her pets are rescued. Her passion in life besides living the Law of Attraction is animal welfare worldwide.

Article Source:http://www.articlesbase.com/motivational-articles/the-law-of-attraction-breathes-new-life-944428.html