As far back as I can remember, Dorina was there.In fact we were four when we met. Perfect little princesses at Miss Cathy’s dance studio.I can barely remember Miss Cathy,but Dorina has been with me all these years, well,almost.

Growing up we were Catholic, Catholic,Catholic.Mass on Sundays at 8;45.Friday afternoons in Church.The nuns hitting our knuckles with a ruler if we got an answer wrong.Our parents hitting our knuckles with a ruler if we sassed the nuns.(We had some very sore knuckles!)And it continued in high school. We went to separate schools, but it was more of the same, Catholic.

But it didn’t stop us from putting on make-up after we left the house or hiking our uniform skirts way above our knees.It didn’t stop us from smoking(although we couldn’t smoke within a three block radius of our schools-and the nuns checked).It didn’t stop us from wearing high heeled shoes with knee socks.(what were we thinking?)

Dorina was always the pretty one.I had short, frizzy “brillo hair” that my mother insisted on cutting once a month to a length of about one inch.I had a unibrow straight out of “Planet of the Apes” that my father would not let me pluck.I wore eyeglasses with lenses the thickness of coke bottles.Dorina had long,lutrous hair and normal vision(she still does).The boys noticed Dorina at the dances we held with the all boy Catholic schools. They did not notice me.If they did, they looked the other way.

But as fate would have it, when I was sixteen I made some changes,With money I earned from my part time job at the local grocery store, I bought contact lenses.Got a decent haircut.Plucked my eyebrows.Finally I was in the same league as my friend.

We grew up doing the stupid things that kids do when they’re sixteen.Traipsing up and down the street on a Friday night in our high heels and smoking cigarettes. At least until 10:30. We had to be home by then.At least for those few hours we could pretend to be all grown up. Those were the days before cell phones so we could be out of reach of our parents for at least a little while.

Anyway we got older.Dorina met the love of her life relatively early and is still married to him.I had my ups and downs, married and divorced.But during that time there was a problem. We had a disagreement and stopped speaking to each other.

What it was about I couldn’t tell you. Neither could she.Probably something stupid.But for a few years we didn’t see each other. I married again and there was no Dorina.Until one day.

One sunny weekend afternoon, the phone rang and it was Dorina!It was 1988 and she had moved to Florida.We talked and talked and it was as if we were never separated.The next year my husband and I moved to Florida and we spent New Years together.

There is not a day now that I don’t talk to Dorina.We live about 3 hours away from each other and I frequently spend the weekends at her house.She is like my sisters and her daughters like my own.

What prompted her to reach out and call me that day in 1988?Did the Law of Attraction kick in? It must have,because we are on the same wavelength and always will be. She is my best friend in the world and I love her dearly. The Law of Attraction is the glue that keeps us together.I hope it will do the same for you.


Deborah Ailman lives in the Tampa Bay area of Florida with her husband of twenty three years. She is mother to six beautiful cats and one very noisy bird. All her pets are rescued. Her passion in life(besides living the Law of Attraction)is animal welfare worldwide.

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