There is this dark, dank forsaken place that life can take you if you allow it. I call it the other side of nowhere.  It is the place where you stop dreaming, stoping hoping and stop believing. It is a place where all of your personal victories are preserved in the past. It is a place where you are afraid to fail, to scared to try, a black and void place where you dare not dream out loud. I tell you it is a scary and grim place reserved for those who afraid to really live.  I am not sure what keeps people bound  on the other side of nowhere. Maybe it is low-self esteem, to those people all I can say is you are of great value, second to none a bright and brilliant star in your own right don’t be afraid to shine…shine brightly yes, you are awesome like that accept it and move forward.


Maybe they don’t want to fail and be humiliated. Trust me failure can be a beautiful stepping stone, it is okay to fail, even if some  laugh, and belittle you. Just remember there are others who are rooting for and encourage you. Greatness is a quality that honed and refined. Unleash your greatness and move forward.

 May they don’t think they have anything worthwhile to contribute. That is such a big lie, a terrible deception. The fact that you are on this planet, unique, precious and beautiful in your way means you have something to contribute. I beg you to unleash your greatness.

 May they grew up in an environment where they were unloved, unwanted, rejected and abandoned. If that is the case all I can do is apologize for the sad soul who couldn’t reach out with compassion and give you the love you deserved,and the feeling of acceptance that validates the wonder of all things you. 

In a perfect world no one would become trapped on the other side of nowhere. The world however is far from perfect and if we aren’t careful we can become harden by the injustices that prevail on this planet. 

That really only leaves us with two choices to succumb to trial or overcome.  The beauty of all you can be awaits  in a place call here and now. Celebrate the beauty of who you are and share the love.

 Tammie-Maria Allen©2011




Tammie-Maria Allen is a passionate artist,writer,model and musician,She is also a  multifaceted business woman and a certified personal trainer.
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