The Power Of Gratitude

       Offering our gratitude  to everything  and being from morning till we retire to bed at night keeps us in a better spirit and enlivens our minds with invigorating freshness.Gratitude has a great power which can be realised in our day to day activities if we practise it.The experience of offering gratitude gives us hope and encouragement and removes our doubts,fear,frustration and anxieties.Our personality becomes beautiful and we always feel pleasant.Our lonliness goes away and we feel the company of many things and beings.We become closer to our dreams and hopes.

Self gratitude-Since our birth till date we can imagine how much pain we have undergone in keeping ourselves,our family happy and serving the society.So self gratitude is very important in our daly life.It generates self love and enlivens our dormant energy to move along the path of peace,progress and prosperity.We develop all positive thoughts within ourselves and forget most of our baseless anxieties and frustrations.Be it a success or failure we should not forget to offer our gratitude to ourselves,rather we should analyse the failure and advance with fresh vigour and zeal.Most people commit a mistake by deestimating themselves in moments of frustrations and failures.The anxieties,frustrations and failure are all illusions of mind.Being the children of the Divine we are already successful.There fore offering gratitude to ourselves in every situation of life, definitely we will be successful if not today then tomorrow.

Gratitude to our family-We should offer our gratitude to all our family members.By their love and co-operation we have achieved a lot in our lives and we are leading a life full of love and serenity.Our parents,brothers and sisters have undergone a lot of difficulties in shaping ourselves and making us successful in our life.What we are today it is their unconditional support only.So we should thank all of them and we will see that our mind is being filled with joy and Divine beauty.

Mental gratitude-While discharging our duty we come across many beloved persons in our mind from around the globe and we feel spirited and do our duty sincerely and perfectly.So offering our gratitude to those persons in our mind we will have a soothing mental experience and our mental behaviour will be very much soothing and will tend towards our desired goals.We can overcome many stress and strain.Even if a person comes to our mind and develops anger in us still we should offer our gratitude which will drive out a lot of emotional reactions from within ourselves and we will lead a peaceful and work loving life.

What we see,hear and feel-We should offer our gratitude what we see,hear and feel in our daily lives.This is a very powerful technique which makes us alert all the time and at no point of time we feel callous.Our spirit always remains enlivened and we penetrate to everything deeper and get the essence out of them and our life goes forward smoothly and lovingly.This enhances our inner beauty and shapes our personality.The ability to work increases and we become better performers.By offering our gratitude even the inert matters become lively and we get strength from them.The whole universe become beautiful and vibrant and we dance with joy and ecstacy.

Change in attitude,skill and knowledge-By offering our gratitude to things and beings around us our attitude takes a u turn and we develop a positive attitude towards life and organisation.We become positive individuals.Our knowledge about things and beings increases.Our minds become sharper and we understand things better.This helps us in enhancing our knowledge and we become powerful individuals with greater skills.

Proper understanding-By offering our gratitude to persons coming in our minds we develop a proper understanding in ourselves and judge them in a more descent manner with out any grumbling.We create a loving relationship around ourselves and a better working spirit is generated by which we inflence and be influenced by all the situations of life.

The beautiful universe-The universe is beautiful.By offering our gratitude we become close to the universe and aquire the powers of the universe.By offering our gratitude to everything in the universe we feel elevated and our mind is filled with joy and reverence.The universe enters inside of us and we learn many secrets to acheive lot of things in life.We become a part of the universal energy and being universal energy beings we work better and there by make our self,family and society happier.

         By understanding the importance of gratitude and the power it gives we should develop that tendency in ech bit of our activity.We should treat the whole universe as one family,then our vision will be broadened and universal energy will flow in our minds all the time making our lives beautiful in all areas.

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