The subject of personal development is often missed. The skills and traits that go along with Personal Development are commonly overlooked by new Network Marketers or those Home Based Business owners that are completely intoxicated by money.

It’s funny… if you were to line up 10 of the Top Money Earners within the MLM industry and ask them to speak freely on the most important skills to master for 2 minutes… you would consistently hear the words Personal Development and Training.

How do you measure your own personal success?

Are you measuring your happiness by:

–         The car you drive.

–         The house you live in.

–         The number of new reps you sign up each day.

–         The amount of leads you were able to generate.

–         The totals in your bank account.

These are the most common ways that people mistakenly measure their success and happiness in the MLM Industry.

Of course these factors would please you. However, if you are using these environmental factors to measure your success and happiness… what happens if the external environment changes?

If you go a day and only created 5 leads, or signed up 1 rep instead of 5… if your car gets repossessed, and the numbers in your bank account start to plummet…suddenly there goes your happiness.

If your joy and happiness is dictated by your external environment, you should know it’s not sustainable.

To aquire Personal Development skills means to achieve inner contentment and peace, and to have your joy and happiness independent of the outer circumstances.

The Network Marketing business is not easy, it is simple, but not easy. There will be ups and there will be downs, and more downs than ups until you get there… but to achieve success that will be sustainable you must undergo Personal Development training.

Your Personal Development Plan doesn’t have to involve a shrink or lengthy retreat to the Buddhist temples. The fantastic thing about the Network Marketing industry is those that have sustained inner contentment and success are happy to share.

–         Personal Development Books

–         With CD’s your Car can become a Self-Help University on Wheels

–         Seminars & Webinars

–         Ipods allow you to have your mentors voice in your ear at all times

–         Daily Newsletters

Do not come from the mindset that Personal Development is not going to increase your paycheck. With every Personal Development skill you obtain, you’ve increased your value to the Home Based Business arena.

At least 1 hour a day should be designated for Personal Development.

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