The Speed Of Life

Our life has a speed of it’s own.We should learn the art of speed management to enjoy a safe and smooth driving.If we are able to control the speed of life we can move in proper direction and can safely overcome the obstacles which we face in our day to day life.We should take care of our thoughts,words and deeds.By controlling the speed we can be intelligent and can utilize our life perfectly in any field.The speeds of life should be controlled and guided by proper application of our intellect.We should utilize our higher force in order to control the speed in life.Having a calculated speed and moving with that every time we can plan better and can take perfect decesions which will make us successful every where and we can do more works in less time.There are various speeds which we will discuss and then we can know how we can be successful by controlling those speeds in life.

Speed of mind-The most important is the speed of mind.If we are well conversant with the speed of our mind then we can be able to control it and can know it’s activity.We should have a perfect control over the speed of our mind.Mind should not drag us rather we should drive the mind according to our will.We should hold the reins of the mind with a firm intellect by which it will obey our commands.We can utilize it in fruitful endeavours.Mind’s speed is tremendous.Some times it takes us to many areas with out our knowledge.We should be aware of this and should know where it is order to enjoy a safe drive in life We should control the speed of our mind.By this we can conserve a lot of energy within ourselves and can fruitfully utilize the energy in achiveing our goals.Conservation of mental energy is very much essential in life to achieive success.In no circumstances we should be a victim of mind.We should apply our intelligence in moving with out hearing the promptings of the mind.We should be conversant with the activities of the mind.They are willing,feeling and desiring,attach and detach,accepting and rejecting.By having a thorough control over the activities we can keep our mind in a harmonious state always and can do more works perfectly and sincerely with out fatigue and boredom.

Speed of talking-We have marked that many people have no control over their speed of talking.They go on telling their views with out bothering whether the other person is interested in them or not.By this they loose a lot of mental energy and irritate others.By having a control over our mouth that is the speed of talking we can talk many relevant things by which even we will be astonished and this will also help us in every area of life.We will be able to talk relevant thinga which will not only help us but  we will be helpful to our organization,family and society.By having a control over our speed of talking we will never be able to hurt others and by our sweetness in talking we can not only motivate ourselves but can motivate others also.This will have a tremendous impact in building our self image.So goes the saying’do not start talking until you begin thinking’.Thoughts are converted in to words.We should give proper thinking about what we are going to tell.This will help us to talk sensibly and in a relevant manner.We should apply our intellect and then talk to others.Also we should be sure that our brain is engaged before we start talking.Thus having a control over our speech we can excel in any area of life and can develop leadership quality within ourselves.

Speed of tounge-Tounge is a vital organ by which we taste and talk.The tounge always wants to taste sweeter things with out knowing whether those things are benificial to our body or not.The tounge is a smmoth portion inside our mouth and always active.It always wants to move in a greater speed and to taste only tasty foods.If we obey the tounge always then we will suffer from many physical illnesses and invite danger to our body and mind complex.We should not obey our toungue and intelligently decide our food even if it is bitter to the tounge.By this we can keep our body in perfect condition and can live longer.We will also keep ourselves away from bad intoxicants,alcohol and poisionous chewing of  tobacco.Tounge is given by God to take good foods that are beneficial to our body.If we obey the tounge and take those foods what ever the toungue desires then we will face the evil consequences and can not enjoy the beauty of life.

Speed of anger-Anger is one letter short from the word danger.When any slightest impulse of anger comes in our mind we should be able to modify it and direct it to some other things.The speed of anger stands like a great obstacle in every field of life.By controlling anger we can master any situation and can take valid,genuine and relevant decesions.Anger should be harmonised if it occurs in our mind.The baseless anger should be controlled.Any slightest impulse of anger in the mind shoild be carefully judged by the intellect from the angle of it’s genuinity and if it is irrelevant  the impulse should be driven out.By controlling anger our family life will be happy and we can keep a harmonious relationship with all becoming great assets to society and organization.

Speed of stomach-The stomach demands spicy and delecious food like tounge.It always hankers after complex foods.We should not listen to it and the speed of the stomach should be judged and accordingly should be fed with good and wholesome foods.the spped of stomach should not affect our work.We should listen to it from a scientific point of view and feed it with good,healthy and nutritious foods as prescribed by our experienced scholars but  not according to what the stomach demands.

Speed of the genital organs-This speed affects each and every individual in this world.No body is satisfied with sex.The sexual urge moves all the time.By controlling the speed of the urge we can enjoy sex in a scientific manner and will not fall in to the category of sexual victims.Sex is good in life,but proper speed should be mantained to see that our energies are not dissipated by the speed of our genital organs.The world is suffering from the magical powers of sex and we should know the nature of sex and it’s speed.By controlling it’s speed with our intelligent imagination we can save ourselves from irrelevant dangers and lead a happy and beautiful life.We should convert our sexual energy in to spiritual energy.

We are the better judge to know the art of speed control in our life.We should not be frieghtened by the speeds rather we should control it by fullowing mediatative practices and feeding the mind with good ideas of great authours In order to have a peaceful,pleasant and successful driving.Life will open all it’s secret with the help of the vast universe and enjoying the essence of life we will always move on the path of success.


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