The words personal development, self development and self improvement, all one and the same, have been bandied about for decades. Best sellers have been written and bought and have given some people the boost that they needed to change their life. Yet many have languished on the bookshelf, never read or acted upon. In this time of world wide economic downturn, the personal development industry is booming as people seek meaning and direction in their lives. But what is personal development, what can it do for you?

1. Almost every person has beliefs that they have a very strong relationship with, having cultivated that belief for a long time. Some of these are given to us when we are very young as gifts from our parents, grandparents or other people like teachers who we may have grown to love and trust. These beliefs must be right so we hold on to them very tightly as guide posts for the way we live our lives. Often though, these beliefs hold us back from achieving all that we possibly could. As an example you may believe that everyone grows up and gets a job, they work hard at that job, they earn an income and look forward to the day that they can retire. Perhaps you then wish, at some point in your life, to buy a business but you find that you can not quite do it. You really want to, you have done heaps of research, you have even found the perfect business. But you still can not take that leap of faith that is required.

Could it be that your belief that you grow up and get a job is so strong that it overrules your desire to be your own boss? Limiting beliefs such as these can and do hold many people back from their dreams and a life of freedom. The best personal development programs will help you to clear limiting beliefs form your life, leaving you in the driving seat and not some misguided but well meant messages that you received in the past.

2. Perhaps, like many people, you have spent years wondering what your real purpose is in life. Well what if I told you that it is to be happy, enjoy life and have fun. Would your life right now qualify for any of these titles?

You will contribute far more to your work and the community, not to mention your family and friends if you are happy and enjoying yourself. There has been ample research done around this very subject and there are now happiness gurus and even laughter experts who will help you to find this very essence of life; happiness, enjoyment, pleasure and fun. Just imagine how you would feel to hear your children say “my dad/mum is great fun, we have crazy times together”. Through personal development you will have every opportunity to create a lifetime of happiness, fun and laughter. That is your main work and personal development will help you to do it.

3. Do you have a burning desire to achieve prosperity at every level; financially, in relationships, physically, emotionally, with your lifestyle and have plenty of time? Sometimes I hear people talk about prosperity as if it is only about money while others talk about prosperity from a much broader perspective. One of my clients recently told me that to her, prosperity was about the feeling of success and that she felt successful when she had time to herself without having to be working her business and she had the freedom to make her own decisions in relation to travel, where she lived and on what she spent her money. She went on to say that having this feeling of success in all areas of her life was being prosperous. Successful and prosperous people are usually devotees of personal development.

4. Personal development will help you to become the person you want to be. Often people have carried with them from childhood, a dream to be a certain person. This might be a person who helps others, a person who changes the way we treat the environment, or a person who changes the policies of government so that there is a fairer go for more people. Whatever, personal development helps you to realise those dreams; to reconnect with them in the first instance and to work out how to take personal action to achieve them. You can be the person you truly want to be and you could even be better!

5. Through using personal development strategies and actions you can act to make the world a better place; you can spread generosity and appreciation wherever you go. Learn how to shift your focus from those things that you do not like to see to those things that you do like to see and then how to make room in your life by being generous and compassionate with others. Now that has got to be a good thing.

Now that you know a little about what personal development is and what it can do for you, I would love to hear from you about what you have been doing and found that works. Or how may resources you have sitting in your own personal library, languishing, untouched and why.

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