So how would a person know whether to consider The Total Self-Esteem System?  It all depends on the answers to the following three questions.  If a person thinks back at the past has all and every opportunity or occurrence been benefited by?  Thinking of the present is a person currently happy and satisfied with life?  How confident is a person about the future?  According to The Total Self-Esteem System if the answer is not “yes” to all of the above questions this system can be considered to rectify matters.  This is because it is claimed a person’s mind works in three states: the past, present and future.

Now according to this system the foundation of success lies in various sectors like being happy and at piece spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially and mentally but to name a few and not just financially as is the thinking of many people.  Having a clear vision in so far as what a person desires to achieve is very important and this is another aspect the system teaches in depth.  The reason what separates people from being and achieving what they want lies in a spiritual imbalance which is caused by something called cellular memory according to this Self-Esteem system.  This cellular memory is build up of both positive and negative experiences but according to this system one of the most common ways of negative cell memory to manifest itself is through low self-esteem.

Dr. Joe Rubino is the creator of The Total Self-Esteem System.  He claims to have spent over twenty years of his life helping and assisting people to achieve positive changes in their lives but more importantly lasting changes.  Dr Rubino does not claim to have lived a life of poverty but as a successful dentist earning a six figure income he has achieved financial success in his life.  What inspired him to develop this system was the fact that he felt very unhappy and unfulfilled despite being financially sound.  Further more he doesn’t claim to be blessed with some God Given talent but base his success on mere experience.  He has featured on the cover of magazines and several self-help and self-improvement movies.  This Self-Esteem formula in the form of an electronic ebook claims to reveal how a person can uncover the source of low self-esteem, how to reverse negative past experiences into something positive, how to reclaim personal power and ways to reduce stress but to name a few.  Several bonuses in mp3 format forms part of this one hundred and fifty seven page package.

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