Everyone I know makes a New Years resolution, and a few weeks into the New Year, the majority break them. Come February, the new years resolutions are a just a memory waiting to be reawakened the following year.

The resolutions that my friends normally decide to go for the usual chestnuts covering a broad range of subjects including giving up smoking, losing weight to even learning a new language. Their intentions are well meant and should be applauded. However most of them don’t have the stomach to put the hard work in to achieve their new found aims.

And why do people leave a resolution to just one day of the year? Why do we have to leave this ritual to New Years day? Why not make every day a New Years day where we have the ability and the opportunity to make decisions that will change the rest of your life.

Let’s not leave it at that. We should all make every day a Christmas day where you try to be the best person you could possibly be to your friends and family. Why not even make every day a Valentines Day, when you tell your partner that you really do love and cherish them.

As human beings in the Western World we get conditioned into doing things in a set way. If you have a belief or dream, you should try and achieve them by creating a plan of action, putting the hard work in and just going for it.

Actions speak louder than words, not just on New Years Day, but every day of the year.

Ian Lockyer

I am fully qualified marketing professional with a wide range of marketing and digital experience. Since July 2004 I have been a Chartered Marketer. I am also a Fellow of the Institute of Direct Marketing.I have a passion for the internet and using new technology for marketing. I enjoy understanding and using new technology as part of the marketing mix. I passionately believe that the internet and, most recently, social media are fundamentally changing the way organisations need to act online.

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