In the greater picture there is only peace; peace is what you are by nature. It is humanity which has created chaos, unrest and war for its own purpose – war is not the natural of spirit. From the even greater picture; from that of the creator, then all is as it should be. Forgiveness is not necessary and inner peace is always immediately available to those who would experience it. The “One Mind”, “Creator” or “God” is emotionless energy. We live in a body of thought energy, and we are individualized pieces of that body as a wave is to the ocean. We are never at war with another, because there is no other; we can only be at war with another aspect of ourselves. Because we are all one in the bigger picture we can only interact with ourselves. Your right hand cannot hit your left hand, unless your left hand is in agreement. The right and left hands are part of the bigger body; they are aspects of it and therefore have the same characteristics as the other parts and are commanded by the same thought process – the mind! The physical body is a physical manifestation of how mind has perceived itself. It created all these parts so that it may experience itself as this or that or one thing or another. It is the human mind that creates all its own experiences. Man was given domain over himself so that he could create and recreate all that he experiences and in any manner he sees fit. If humanity were to continue in spirit, it would create itself in ways that were harmonious with spirit, and chaos, war, and conflict would not be experienced in his reality. There are no wars, murders, violent acts or natural disasters where man is involved that at some level of his consciousness, he didn’t create himself or agreed to be a victim of it. Humanity would be at peace if it thought about peace. You cannot know inner peace at the same time you are looking for it. You are either at peace or you’re not. Peace is a personal aspect of all living things; we came from a peaceful place. Peace starts with the individual. If every individual was peaceful he would not think about conflict, and who would he fight against. While you are talking to your friends about war, you are not at peace. While you are watching, or listening to the news about war, disasters, accidents, the economy, etc; you are not at peace. Every year when you pin that Poppy on your lapel you are contributing to the awareness of war, not peace. It is war or conflict that is on your mind. When you support your soldiers and stick the ribbon on your car you reaffirm that there is a war or conflict somewhere. It doesn’t matter what the reason is for war – both sides have reasons. War is simply a statement, a symbol of our inability to settle an issue without violence. It is a display of how immature we really are. War is an obvious symbol that we do not know inner peace in the moment. We are always at war with something when we are not at peace. It is the natural aspect of all living things to better themselves. All things evolve to a better or more advanced version of itself. We cannot possibly call ourselves an advanced society while war or conflict is how we settle differences. God, the universe, the one mind or whatever you call it; does not support destruction of any kind. God does not support either side in any conflict. The truth of it is that which created us does not support peace or war. The only purpose to you being here is to have the freedom of unconditional love to be able to experience either. We experience conflict because we choose to at some level of our consciousness. We experience peace when the same mind decides that this is what it wants. Life was never meant to be a struggle. Life is abundant and the only lack exists in the mind. Inner peace is always with us if that is what we could choose. None of us are victims in the truest sense of the word. We are all creators and participators and are therefore able to experience anything that we desire. I cannot hit you or hurt you unless you agree to it at some level. You always make yourself available at the correct time and place for this kind of an event to happen – most of the time this is not a conscious decision and therefore not understood by the conscious mind. You cannot buy a loaf of bread unless you know where to go to buy it. You cannot have peace unless you know where to get it. You may starve to death if you wait for someone to bring you the loaf of bread. Likewise you may die if you wait for someone else to bring peace to you. By your very nature peace is what you are. War is artificial; you are creating it in your reality by having it in your mind and heart. War is something that could never be experienced if no one thought about it and conflicts would simply be opportunities for growth. Each of us creates what we experience, whether it is inner or outer peace. Although humanity has made enormous strides technologically, he has done very little to improve himself. He uses outdated philosophies, ideas, religions, and methodologies to create a new future. He keeps hitting himself over the head with the same hammer expecting to experience something new – it doesn’t work that way. If war and conflict is what has been taught to us to settle differences and it isn’t working, then we need to examine those teachings. If our religions are teaching ‘an eye for and eye, and a tooth for a tooth’ then this needs to be changed. If we are still listening to Grandma and using lye soap on our cloths and stones to beat them and they are falling apart; maybe we should rethink why it’s not working. The age of Dinosaurs gave way to mammals, because the mammals were smaller, more agile and faster thinkers. Every generation of humans are destined to replace their previous generation. Peace can never be experienced if the new generation does not change the way they interact with each other. A bad idea is just a bad idea. An outdated thought is just that. Some things just no longer apply. War belongs in a museum and used only as a way to demonstrate to the new generations of how not to do a thing. Acceptance of all things as they are being in the correct time and place would lead to inner peace without being in conflict with that which was. All of us are at peace until we make a move away from it. Peace is all there is and war is an error in thought. It has never been demonstrated that war will create peace – it doesn’t work that way. Memories of war and injustices go deep and at some point they manifest themselves in violent ways whether you think you have peace or not. Inner peace can never be found while you are looking for it. Accept that peace is who you are and you will know peace in time of conflict.

Roy is a resident of British Columbia, Canada. An international published spiritual author, a student of NLP, spiritual philosopher, New Age Teacher and Phenomenologist. Visit Roy at:

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