The way the entity of viral beliefs plugs itself into our brain, and damage our full potential, is so different from how our brain is actually wired, and designed to empower you. Each night, you are vulnerable when you fall asleep as the entities of the viral beliefs pervade our nervous system, and render our state of mind a cacophony during the day.

The experience you are having affects the destination you are heading towards. Because the experience you are having is not entirely yours, it originate from other minds, spreading their entity of viral beliefs into a program that invade our nervous system, then, the mind interpret it as reality.

Although many people have read dozens of self-help books, and attending few success seminars, they still relapse into their old self-defeating habits of behaviour.

Why is that 97% of mankind still living a life of quite desperation? Why some people recover from terminal illness and others are still suffering? Why is it someone of the same equal intelligence, and background history of poverty, becomes a millionaire, while another remain poor?

The entity of the viral of beliefs that you acquire during the day is a dangerous one. Because what we are dealing with is an intelligent alien entity residing in human consciousness, invading other minds, integrating their DNA and reprogramming their DNA during sleep.

Everything we feel and do is 80% determined by our genetic expression. Integration of this alien viral of beliefs is similar to waveforms of magnetic field that we encode through our five senses.

Rapid programming of our DNA takes place during sleep, which is why; scientists are working side by side with hypnotists, and psychologists, to create subliminal audio products to be used just before falling asleep.

Quite often, we hear success guru or see people going to visit a hypnotherapist during the day, then wonder, why they are still not getting any tangible and happy results.
Let me tell you why.

Not all hypnosis programming is affective. The techniques are simple: the hypnotist uses certain script to sedate you as your mind become more receptive to suggestive phrases from the therapist syntax commands for encoding and programming

Yes – People experience BIG CHANGE with hypnosis. But the programming is short lived and not complete. Sitting at someone else’s chair, in a stranger’s home or office, is to some people uncomfortable, let alone trying to get into total state of relaxation, induced by the therapist, is not always easy to fully relax.

Hypnosis can help people experience some real changes; However, it ISN’T the most powerful technique for total transformational breakthrough, like overcoming severe depression, or illnesses.

It’s like going out for a drive in a Lada car, when you could be sitting in a Lamborghini.
Sleep Programming does a BETTER JOB than daily hypnosis – but for EIGHT HOURS of asleep!
Only when you’re in bed – ASLEEP!

ZiziWorld is developing its own SLEEP Programming, sleeping off ZiziWorld Syntax encoding commands is like attending an intensive eight hour hypnosis session every single night. I did that when I was suffering from severe depression, panic disorder, and cancer.

The programming for me, was a life transforming process, slow, but curable – and many people are experience incredible life transforming breakthroughs, and it’s been THOROUGHLY PROVEN scientifically!

If you have ever heard of ‘Hypnopedia’ the influencing syntax commands, and iMusic vitamins with sound systems for success programming, similar to that used by the US Government

There’s a whole branch of science known as “hypnopedia”, which documents the influence of commands while you sleep. The US Government even uses the techniques to teach customs code to military recruits during their sleep… with GREAT SUCCESS!

The question, you should be asking, am I hunted by scepticism, doubt and ridicule, or am I making good use of my sleep?

If you ever need a sample of ZiziWorld product, by all means, get in touch, ask a question, and get the edge!

Thinking positive is no longer a valid therapy, only when you go deeper into the REM sleep, using 8 hours of audio programming syntax commands, with subliminal sound systems, will you ever experience total control of mind, and become invincible to challenges, and immune to disease. We are made of magnetic field that thinks, feels and affects external forces all the time.

To rise up to higher consciousness, to protect yourself, as well as deprogram the alien viral virus of belief systems, embedded in your nervous system, you must go into sleep programming, and the only long and intensive hypnotherapy that wields fruitful results for your life.

Bio: Andre Zizi is a philosophy graduate and a philosopher, trained in the educational Psychology. He is qualified teacher with a diploma in Neuro Linguistics. Andre Zizi had completed a business plan for a mega MinbGym concept. If you are an investor, publisher or web savvy and want to share the vision, then, call me, 07999 579 135.

Andre Zizi
Author – The Spiritual Psychology of the Science of Money-Phology
A Philosophy Graduate & Therapist. Philosopher/Mentor/Teacher

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