This month, our Latina Leadership Lesson is about giving back.  I know we all do so much to give back to our families, our communities, and to all sorts of causes.  It’s time to celebrate and honor that part of who we are, and to talk about why it’s so important.

First of all, when you give back, it’s key to come from a place of fullness.  If you’re giving from a sense of duty, of guilt or a feeling that somehow you received a bunch of things you don’t deserve and “why me?” when others have not been so blessed, then own that and look at it closely.

It’s OK to receive all of what you have been given with gratefulness and gracious acceptance.  Because you have so much, it doesn’t mean you “owe” anyone.  Rather, when you are so full as to bursting, the sense of giving back is a feeling of pleasure, of overflowng goodness, and of grace.
So, if you’re not yet “full,” make sure to give to yourself first.  Because when we give from a place other than joy, it breeds resentment and other negative emotions.  And the “giving” isn’t good for either you or the recipient
In truth, giving is receiving, and when you give it should be from a source of abundance.  When you’re truly giving from the heart, the giving actually makes you *bigger* and you receive more than you release.

Isn’t that a wonder?

And when we receive a gift — whether it be time, attention, wisdom, resources or anything else — from someone who gives to us with the energy of not wanting anything back, but simply giving because they want to, and it comes without any strings or burdens, then it’s a real gift.

During this month when there’s so much gift giving and receiving, as Latina Leaders, we want to make sure that the exchange is one that builds us all up, instead of tearing us down.

Consider for a moment when a child gives you a picture they just drew, especially for you.  The creative act, as well as the gift, is given with pride, with joy and is FUN for them.  And when you accept it openly, with sincere gratitude and appreciation, the child is delighted and proud.  

That’s the spirit of giving that I’m talking about.  This giving that is a two way exchange where both parties are equally giving and receiving.

We’ll cover all these ideas, and more, in this month and, as always, I’d love to hear your feedback.  When you give back, are you coming from a place of generosity of spirit?  Or is there something that is holding you back?

It’s the time to be honest with ourselves, and make sure our gifts are just that, and not “negotiated bargains.”  Enjoy the discussion!

Aurelia Flores wants to offer a learning opportunity to other women who might find themselves in similar shoes. She strongly believes women can learn from other women, no matter where they are in their career or life path.Aurelia Flores went from single teenage mother in an abusive relationship to Stanford Law School grad and Senior Counsel for a Fortune 500 company and has overcome obstacles and founded Powerful Latinas to get Latina women to learn and share with one another.  Powerful-Latinas mission is “helping powerful Latina women stay grounded in their power!”  To find out more, go to
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