Personal development is a broad topic that many people are interested in but they don’t know where to start. There may be many aspects of your personality and lifestyle that you want to work on, but achieving so many things can seem overwhelming in the beginning.

The key to keeping personal development goals from becoming too overwhelming is to have reasonable expectations and to set yourself up to succeed.

Setting Reasonable Personal Goals

Part of setting yourself up to succeed is to set goals that are actually attainable. A goal to lose 50 pounds in one month or to work 18 hours each day isn’t a reasonable one, and setting such a goal will result in an unnecessary failure. Instead, choose things that can be attained with the skills you have now.

The Timeliness of Personal Development Goals

Set goals that can be accomplished now to avoid the “later” syndrome. If you set a goal that you will build something using a certain type of equipment that you don’t yet have, the goal is not one that can be accomplished now. The goal can effectively be put off forever, and for some people, it will be.

Instead, choose goals that can’t be set aside for later with easy excuses. Make personal development goals that you can start today. This will allow you to accomplish enough to give you the confidence to set more goals for your personal and career life.

Setting Small Goals is Key

Large, overwhelming goals can be so intimidating that many people put off making them at all. Building a multi-million-dollar business is an enormous goal, but it’s one that can take years to fully realize. It also seems almost impossible at first to ever accomplish such a lofty outcome. But, with several smaller goals, it can be reached as a part of a goal process.

The first goal in building such a large business might be to develop a business plan. The second goal may be to find the first customer. The third goal may be to turn a profit. As time goes on, the goals get bigger and bigger until the business is a large one that reaches the initial goal idea of being a multi-million-dollar company.

Smaller goals are helpful in pursuing any personal development goal that you may have. They are particularly important when the original goal was so big that it was avoided because it felt unreasonable. Large goals are often put off for months or even years because they seem so hard to accomplish. With smaller goals that can be accomplished in just a matter or days or weeks, there will be no reason to put off accomplishing it.

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