If you want to seek personal growth and live happier with your current life, you might need to have a personal development scheme for yourself. Here is a comprehensive list of self-help tips that you can do even by yourself.

1. Know you’re the kind of people you are dealing with every day. It is always best to know the people you give service to at work, you interact with outside and your family that you have to deal with everyday. Once you know them, it is easier to know yourself. How do you interact with these people? How do you react to the things they do and the words they say? How do they affect you in your everyday activities and your view of life as a whole? Spend a little time with these people to know them with a deeper sense. Everything they tell you will definitely help you in making your personal development scheme. You will be able to know your strengths and weaknesses. By identifying these two important things, you will know how to deal with yourself better.


2. Set your personal goals that are attainable from this personal development training. Know that you have identified your strengths, these will help you to better improve if not completely remove your weaknesses. The goals should be attainable and should include self perception, family, career, health, recreation and social life, personal growth as well as spiritual growth. It should be realistic, measurable and definitely achievable.

3. Create your own personal development training module based on the problems you have identified which focuses on the goals you have set. It would be very helpful if you can write down ways on achieving these goals. Fun activities will help you motivate yourself, too. Make sure that you check your notes once in a while to see if you are doing well or if you tend to forget them. Keeping a diary can actually track down your improvement and identify more ways on how things can become better.

4. Try to look at things at a fresh perspective. This can drastically change your behavior. One of the best ways in achieving your goal is by using positive reinforcement. You can treat yourself every time you exert conscious effort and is able to do something good which works towards your personal development goals. Treat yourself with your simple delights such as a cup of coffee, a piece of donut, a new shirt or anything that does not hurt your budget but makes you happy. You can also treat yourself to a spa, get a visit to your favorite resort or eat at your favorite restaurant. These will actually help you feel good about yourself thus motivates you more to achieve your goals.

5. Never forget to make a regular assessment of how you are doing. Take note of your progress and the things that are left behind and needs to be worked on. This will determine if you need to do some adjustments with the scheme you made for your personal development.

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